2023 G2 Software Buyer Behavior Report

The Value-Driven Buyer

Economic challenges are driving businesses to invest more in technology and to expect faster results. G2 surveyed 1,700 global software buyers, analyzed the data, and compiled the definitive report on adapting to new buyer behavior in a time of economic transition.

Our research uncovered

  1. Buyers see AI as foundational to their business strategy.
  2. AI will drive legal teams to be increasingly involved in software purchases.
  3. Buyers stick to processes but still succumb to timing pressure.
  1. Value, scalability, and ease are top considerations for software buyers, but priorities shift based on company size.
  2. Solutions that work together without added complexity are key.


of buyers leave InfoSec teams out of the purchasing processes citing pressure to quickly deliver results.

We mapped the top priorities of 1,700+ B2B decision makers.

49% say spending will increase this year.

77% say economic uncertainty factored into increased spending.


say the quality of the implementation process has a significant influence on their decision to renew.


of buyers say it’s important that the software they purchase has AI.

Buyers seek ROI within 6 months of purchase.

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Buyers expect fast results. Learn to deliver them.