Proving Value in the Age of AI

The pressure is on. The AI frenzy has powered spending, but software buyers, and the committees behind them, have become more discerning than ever. Using G2’s foundation of data and a survey of over 1,900 B2B decision-makers, our Market Research team unveils a narrative of scrutiny, heightened ROI expectations, and a desire for trust.

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The 2024 software buying journey, illustrated.


of buyers have purchased AI software in the last 3 months.


expect positive ROI within 3 months.


consult review sites more often than other sources.


consider a vendor’s history with security breaches.

AI, ROI, & trust have rewired software buying.

The AI gold rush ripples throughout the landscape.

Orgs are ready to spend, but with higher scrutiny and ROI expectations.

Buyers trust their peers over vendor sites & analyst firms.

Security stakeholders are involved more often, proving safety is top of mind.

Top takes from tech’s best.

Hannah Ajikawo, Revenue Funnel

Bryan Brown, GTM Partners

Sarah Allen-Short, GTM Partners

Steve Van Lieshout, Spotlight

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Download the report.

Discover how the AI frenzy and heightened buyer scrutiny have transformed software selling into an economy of trust.