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The G2 on Technology Research

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Tom Pringle - The G2 on Enterprise AI and Analytics

Tom Pringle

Vice President
Technology Research

The G2 on Enterprise AI and Analytics

Zack Busch - The G2 on the Cloud

Zack Busch

Research Analyst
IT & Development

The G2 on the Cloud

Aaron Walker - The G2 on Cloud Security

Aaron Walker

Research Principal

The G2 on Cloud Security

Merry Marwig - The G2 on Privacy

Merry Marwig

Research Analyst

The G2 on Privacy

The G2 on Enterprise AI & Analytics

True Data Protection Demands More Than Just Regulation

Protecting data is about more than just regulatory compliance. Building a culture of trust can deliver real business value.

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A Brief History of Data and the Birth of Analytics Platforms

Analytics have long been part of the enterprise toolbox, and platforms that consolidate decades of functionality provide features that best help users benefit from data-driven insights.

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The G2 on Enterprise AI & Analytics: AI — What is It Really & Why Does It Matter?

AI is more than just a buzzword. In the age of digital transformation, it's crucial to understand how AI impacts enterprises and what that could mean going forward.

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The G2 on the AI Toolbox

How AWS is Reinventing the Journey to AI

True to its name, AWS’ reinvention of its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tech stack is set to change how developers and ML engineers use and build AI.

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Interfacing With Interfaces: Giving Technology a Voice

With a proper strategy in place and a broad understanding of user trends, companies can position themselves to succeed when integrating voice assistant technology in their devices.

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The Data Toolbox: The Expanding Domain of AI & Analytics

With the rise of natural language interfaces, smart recommendations, and more, AI and analytics are quickly becoming the domain of a broader range of users.

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The G2 on the Cloud

An Amazonian Challenge: The Year of Cloud Partnerships

To combat Amazon’s increasing dominance over the cloud, CSPs are teaming up with other solution providers—and each other—to balance the scales.

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Cloud Computing in Health Care

Cloud infrastructure is helping drive improved health care provisioning.

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The Case for Multicloud Infrastructure Adoption

Multicloud infrastructure is the future of cloud adoption. Let’s explore the advantages and challenges of this approach.

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The G2 on Cloud Security

Computer Viruses Return As the Coronavirus Continues to Spread

While the coronavirus grabs headlines, researchers discover the first true “living” computer virus in years.

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The Case for SOAR Solutions: The Future of Cybersecurity

The security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) market is expanding rapidly, and for good reason.

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Analyzing API Security in the Multicloud World

Cloud services and applications rely heavily on APIs for data integration, and protecting those connections is becoming increasingly important.

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The G2 on Privacy

A Complete Guide to Data Privacy Management

To help buyers make sense of the data privacy landscape, G2 Research Analyst Merry Marwig will write several articles breaking down various functions of data privacy software.

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The Ultimate Guide to Passwordless Authentication

Imagine accessing your accounts without ever typing in another password again. This future is possible, considering the rapid adoption of passwordless authentication.

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Process Data Portability Requests: What Businesses Need to Know

Data portability, under privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA, allows individuals to access, copy, or transfer the data a company maintains about users to another provider using a machine-readable, interoperable format.

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