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Jasmine Lee - The G2 on Medtech

Jasmine Lee

Senior Research Analyst

The G2 on Medtech

Dominick Duda - The G2 on Nonprofit Tech

Dominick Duda

Research Analyst

The G2 on Nonprofit

Patrick Szakiel - The G2 on Techfin

Patrick Szakiel

Senior Research Analyst
Fintech & Education

The G2 on Techfin

The G2 on Medtech

Latest MedTech Consolidations and Investment Rounds

G2 examines recent mergers, acquisitions, and funding rounds, as well as their potential impact on the health care industry, given rising health care costs and patient expectations.

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The G2 on MedTech: The Necessary Evil of MIPS Scores

How can small medical practices, without the opportunity to earn Medicaid payment increases, improve services to compete with properly funded and larger health care organizations?

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The G2 on Nonprofit Tech

How Crowdfunding Changed the Fundraising Landscape

Crowdfunding platforms transformed the way people raise money for projects and causes, and while they weren’t originally intended for nonprofits, that hasn’t stopped nonprofits from using crowdfunding to support fundraising.

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Why Data Analytics Matter for Nonprofits

While many nonprofits are collecting important data, too few are utilizing data analytics to improve their operations and drive success.

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The G2 on Nonprofit Tech: Mobile Optimization

Nonprofit organizations must devote time and resources to mobile optimization in order to maximize revenue potential and foster positive donor experiences.

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The G2 on Techfin

The State of Techfin in Europe and Asia

Techfins have taken different approaches into financial services expansion depending on the opportunities presented by each region. In this month’s column, we explore techfin in Europe and Asia.

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The Problematic Entry of Big Tech Into Financial Services

Techfins have several advantages over fintech and finserv rivals, but regulatory challenges could prompt a shift to a more partnership-centric strategy.

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The G2 on Techfin: Big Tech's Foray Into Financial Services

The future of financial technology is likely going to be a combination of fintech and techfin, as big tech leans on fintech industry experience, and fintechs leverage big tech's vast resources.

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