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3 Disruptive Content Management and Productivity Trends in 2019

December 3, 2018

Last year, G2 introduced predictions for 2018’s major digital trends, but this year the focus is on trends in specific industries and how digital transformation will affect them in 2019. 

This post is one part of G2's 2019 digital trends series. Read more about G2's approach to digital transformation trends in an introduction from Michael Fauscette, G2's chief research officer.

Content Management and Productivity Trends


Trend 1 - Remote Workers

Businesses are noticing the benefits to employing employees remotely. According to one study, approximately 70% of people throughout the world work from home at least one day a week. Another 53% work from home at least half the week. Within the United States, the percentage of remote workers increased from 39% in 2012 to 43% in 2016.  

Why the increase in remote workers?

The exact reasons can be difficult to pinpoint, but (unsurprisingly) cost is likely the answer. Office space can be one of the largest expenses for small businesses, and increasing the size of an office can mean serious growing pains for flourishing companies who are hiring rapidly. A willingness to hire remote employees enables access to a larger talent pool without hefty relocation costs.

This also creates challenges in the current working landscape; one-on-one communication is undoubtedly the best way to hash out new ideas and collaborate.

Managing this feat without a physical location where teams meet in person every day is only going to be possible with the implementation of comprehensive collaboration and communication tools. Businesses currently employing a remote workforce or are looking to must utilize an array of collaboration software to continue to stay competitive against non-remote companies.

Collaboration and productivity software are seeing growth as it is; the upticking trend of remote work is only going to mean continued growth in these software areas. The tools that will see a spike in use include, but are not limited to:

These software solutions are already incredibly popular in their own right, but with the growing remote workforce, they will become integral necessities for businesses.


Trend 2 - Headless CMS Growth

Today’s content consumption, including in the business sphere, is more varied than ever, with the vast majority of users turning to smartphones for their media. By the end of 2017, mobile video plays accounted for 60% of all global video starts. Smartphones are only the beginning of a diverse mobile technology landscape, and smartwatches are steadily becoming more popular among average consumers as well.

This could explain the divergence we’re currently seeing away from traditional web content management systems like WordPress and Drupal.

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More websites want flexibility in how their content is displayed and are instead opting for more medium-agnostic web content management, most notably through headless CMS. Headless CMS allows users to post their content without worrying about a front end that only formats properly on one type of device.

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As we enter 2019, content-driven services and websites will have to move to headless CMS solutions to account for the rapidly diversifying content consumption landscape.

As people continue to add more devices to their daily lives, businesses and websites will have to adapt to stay competitive. Social media sites, streaming services, blogs and news sites, and even online marketplaces will feel mounting pressure to account for more content consumption mediums.


Trend 3 - The Role of AI in Content Creation

Artificial intelligence has already been leveraged in multiple content-related areas; from chatbots to report generation, AI is routinely deployed to handle routine tasks.

Artificial intelligence is utilized by some companies to create business content such as market reports, shareholder reports, and legal documents. Automating these processes saves money and manpower that can be used on less routine and complex tasks. AI-driven content generation is only going to grow as more businesses across all areas adopt it to stay competitive.

AI-driven content creation could also feasibly be used to create short-form content for sites looking to drive traffic quickly. Artificial intelligence is already being implemented to generate content such as stock updates and sports reports. “Clickbait” is a prime candidate for AI-driven content creation; it’s intended to be short-form, easily digestible content to drive traffic and hopefully lead readers to read long-form content on the site.  

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What does this mean for us human writers? Are our days numbered as we await the rise of our content-generating AI overlords?

Probably not.

Instead, AI could handle the short-form content, leaving people to write deeper and more engaging long-form content. In fact, there are some products like that use AI-powered tools such as natural language processing software to assist writers by offerings topic and SEO recommendations, automating publishing to a CMS, and providing automatic summarization. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. is just one of the many AI writing assistants available.

Even if AI isn’t writing your businesses content, finding uses for it within your content teams is going to be imperative for keeping your site’s content on par with current standards.

Create content with reviews and watch the sales go up

In addition to AI, marketers today see results from creating content from customer reviews. 

Of marketers utilizing customer reviews in their marketing, 68.6% of B2B marketers rate reviews as an effective and valuable part of their marketing mix

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