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The Evolution of the IoT Landscape on G2

May 18, 2020

Necessity is the mother of invention. We’re loyal subscribers to that philosophy here at G2

Throughout the professional world, there’s a perpetual demand for digitization, visibility, and optimization. In response, the internet of things (IoT) was born, bringing physical assets of all types into the Connected Age.

Since its birth, the IoT has grown and mutated six ways from Sunday. With every strange new appendage, business owners and decision-makers need to adjust their approach. There’s lots happening, and business teams must start to understand the IoT landscape—as well as which solutions could benefit their business. 

In response, G2 is ramping its efforts around IoT software and services. As the space evolves, so do buyers’ needs. Our goal is to stay ahead of these needs with our research and analysis of this cutting-edge industry.

Way to give birth, Necessity. 

Defining new categories of IoT software solutions

So you want to turn your business into a “smart business.” Where do you start? What comes after that? 

There’s no single, magic solution; there’s no ShamWow. The answer varies based on the business, its budget, and goals. At the rate things are advancing, options might change by the time business owners get to shaking and baking. 

At G2, we want to provide an accurate resource for all things IoT. To do this, the G2 Market Research team is building out additional categories—both B2B software and services—to reflect the current state of IoT

Through these comprehensive categories, vendors can ensure their solutions are properly sorted. You wouldn’t want your smooth jazz album mixed in with the heavy metal at the record store. In the same vein, providers of IoT software and services deserve the same consideration in how they are represented to prospective customers and partners on G2.

On the customer side, when you’re plotting a leap to the IoT for your business, you do not simply buy an “IoT product.” You invest in specific solutions. Our job is to make sure you know what you’re getting, and to help guide you to the best possible providers. If you choose to write a review of your experiences, all the better! 

This February, G2 went live with more than a dozen new categories related to IoT across software, services, and verticals. These new categories include:

Explore our full directory of B2B software and B2B services to see the new categories in all their majesty, along with established categories such as IoT platforms and IoT developers, and how they fit into the growing ecosystem of business solutions.

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We’ll continue to research additional categories and add them to the site, to remain the most trusted and extensive resource for B2B vendors and their customers. Wherever we determine there’s a demand, we’ll work hard to supply the goods. If you’re a provider of any IoT-related solution, we encourage you to add your product or service to G2 if it’s not already featured, so interested customers can reach out and satisfied buyers can write a review about their experience.

Crafting content for all things IoT

Establishing a new category is only one piece of the puzzle here at G2. We strive to be a one-stop shop for professionals in every industry to learn and make decisions about business solutions.

Within each category on our site, you’ll find a breadth of content related to those solutions. What exactly is their purpose? What are some common features? Who are the ideal customers? What are some related solutions? Before a potential investment in any business solution, visitors should have no shortage of questions, and rightfully so. At G2, our goal is to answer these questions before visitors ask them. 

The push to IoT means filling in holes on existing categories and thoroughly curating content for any new categories. We welcome requests for additional content or categories, or feedback on the research we’ve already put forth. Drop us a line—we don’t bite, even though our mascot is a mongoose

The content train doesn’t stop there. There’s far too much to talk about when it comes to smart technology and its implications for businesses, cities, and the world. We’re just as stoked, curious, and skeptical as many consumers are about the space. Our goal is to cover it from all angles and perspectives as it develops. 

Over the past couple years, G2 has built out two unique channels for content we feel is relevant for our audience: G2 Learning Hub and G2 Research Hub. On these respective sites, our content specialists and research analysts cover topics from all corners of the B2B landscape, alongside insights from guest contributors.

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We’re excited to leverage these platforms to talk shop about IoT and create content that informs, intrigues, and inspires. Whether you’re interested in timely news about IoT—“UPS Announces New IoT Tech to Track Health Care Packages”—or thought leadership—“IoT Security Challenges to Expect by 2020”—we want to deliver the best IoT-related content on the web. 

As our IoT categories gain traction and we gather more reviews from verified customers, we’ll also be releasing market reports that highlight the best and brightest of each space based on review data. Our research scoring methodologies offer some insight into this process, such as how certain products or services land on our category Grids®.

The cream rises to the top in any B2B space; the reviews, Grids®, and category reports on G2 help global professionals invest their time and resources with the vendors best suited for the job. This will be no different across the fast-growing IoT spectrum.

Hey Alexa, are you as excited as we are?

Choosing IoT solutions for your business

As much fun as we’re having, we’re not doing all this for our health. Connected devices are a singular topic in the world of tech, from inside our homes to multi-billion dollar corporations. Smart stuff—or whatever you choose to call it—will be a relevant talking point from here on out for professionals across industries and oceans. However your IoT strategy takes shape, we want to assist with challenging decisions.

Check out the various categories of IoT solutions on G2, and read what others are saying about their experiences with a product or service. We hope you’ll find our research and content useful as you learn about the different IoT solutions available today and those around the corner. Pop in for regular updates to our category listings, as well as news and views on our Research and Learning Hubs. 

Yes, there is an “I” in IoT. But we’re here for you nonetheless. 

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