2021 Software Buyer Behavior Report

Navigate a new software buying reality.
Access never-before-seen:

•   Analysis of how, and why, business tech continues to consumerize.
•   Data detailing the influence third-party validation has on trust.
•   Breakdowns of a new buying cycle that extends far beyond the sale.

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We surveyed 700+ B2B decision makers, mapping
the shift in buyers and how you can adapt.

55% of buyers need less than 3 months to make a decision on a software purchase of $20,000 or more.

86% of software buyers across segments use peer review sites when buying software.

Only 4% trust traditional market research firms and analysts the most when making major software purchase decisions.

Over 80% of respondents, from small to enterprise scale, believe it’s important to receive a return on investment within six months.


A shrinking buying cycle is shifting power to buyers.

Access proprietary data and analysis charting every aspect of changing software buyer behavior, as reported by the buyers themselves.

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Trust is cumulative. Create more of it.