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2019 SalesTech Landscape

SalesTech Landscape

Sales organizations are tasked with executing at scale. To accomplish this tall task, sales teams need every advantage possible to empower them to sell, including access to the best technology. By providing your team with the most effective sales software, you are gaining an advantage that will allow the company to better execute and outpace competitors.

While making sense of the dozens of different types of sales technology can feel overwhelming, the SalesTech Landscape visual simplifies the conversation to show who certain tools are for and what part of the sales function they impact. Many of these solutions help to automate necessary, everyday tasks performed by sales teams, that ultimately free up time for selling the company’s goods or services.

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Sales Technology Blueprint

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Sales Tech Blueprint

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Explore the 2019 Sales Technology Landscape by Topic

Fastest-growing sales categories

Most good sales leaders have already implemented thorough tech stacks that help their reps and their managers, but it is not good enough to know what you need to be using today. G2 has identified the three products with the highest Momentum score in ten of the hottest sales categories on our platform to help companies identify the right combination of these solutions that fits their needs.

Industry-specific sales technology

Not all industries are the same, and their tech stacks shouldn’t be either. Generic sales software may be sufficient for small companies, but it can quickly become a problem for fast-growing companies. The good news is that there are lots of tools, software products, add-ons, etc. that companies can use on top of their generic sales software to address industry-specific needs.

Best tools for sales representatives

The end goal of every business team is to make a product easier to sell. From email tracking to lead intelligence, there are a vast array of tools for sales representatives to take advantage of to ease the burden on identifying and retaining customers.

Best sales operations tools

The types of tasks, as well as the number of tasks, that sales operations teams are responsible for can change on a whim. Embracing — and leveraging — effective technology is crucial for sales ops teams to improve efficiency, project management, reporting, and more.

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Best tools for sales managers

Sales operations and sales representatives teams rely heavily on a sturdy management system. For sales managers, that means balancing mentorship while setting quotas, managing projects, and setting overall sales expectations — and using technology to do so.