State of Deals 2020
The New Sales Framework for Today’s Buyers

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  • Dozens of actionable, scalable sales strategies, playbooks, and tips you can start using immediately.
  • Sweeping, never-before-seen research from two leading sales organizations, PandaDoc and G2.
  • A brand-new perspective on your mission and purpose as a modern Salesperson.

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You’ll get new, never-before-seen research around the people, processes, and timing of software companies selling into small- to mid-sized companies—and what it takes to close the deal. 

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Get new research around:

The most important thing to B2B buyers in 2020 (even more important than trust and rapport)...

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The one mistake most sales reps are making AFTER they find and speak with a decision-maker...

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The proven mindset elite sales teams use to crush quota month after month, quarter after quarter...

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How the best sales teams equip themselves for success at the bottom half of a deal cycle...

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Your definitive guide to closing B2B deals in 2020.