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SaaS plays a major role in the ability of employees to work remotely. SaaS spend management can help companies manage costs, and be smarter about how their budget is spent during this uncertain time.

Where employees are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, what are the best tools and practices to stay connected with coworkers—and the communities they serve—while supporting productive work?

Our PandaDoc and G2 Research study reveals what buyers care about when making purchasing decisions in the B2B marketplace—and provides sales strategies to close bigger and better deals in 2020.

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Analytics is in Fashion: Mode Analytics Raises $33 Million

We are moving from the era of self service to all service analytics, with companies like Mode Analytics leading the charge, in which all stakeholders within a business can gain insights from data.

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Salesforce Introduces Salesforce Anywhere to Support Work in the Virtual World

Salesforce announced a new app called Salesforce Anywhere to enable work in the “new normal” of distributed workforces.

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Facebook Wants a Bigger Piece of the E-Commerce Pie

While social media platforms have millions of users, they haven't been very good at e-commerce. After Google and Pinterest, Facebook recently announced new features for e-commerce.

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Privacy Startup Skyflow Raises $7.5 Million After Stealth Mode

Privacy startup, Skyflow, emerges from stealth mode and secures $7.5 million in seed funding for their API-based sensitive data vault solution.

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Stream Analytics Startup Confluent Raises $250 Million

Stream analytics, or the analysis of big data from data streams in real time, is showing tremendous value to companies. Confluent’s big funding round is testimony to this reality.

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