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SaaS plays a major role in the ability of employees to work remotely. SaaS spend management can help companies manage costs, and be smarter about how their budget is spent during this uncertain time.

Where employees are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, what are the best tools and practices to stay connected with coworkers—and the communities they serve—while supporting productive work?

Our PandaDoc and G2 Research study reveals what buyers care about when making purchasing decisions in the B2B marketplace—and provides sales strategies to close bigger and better deals in 2020.

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Sales Engagement Software Vendor SalesLoft Raises $100 Million

The sales engagement software market is becoming more important during the pandemic as sales engagement vendor SalesLoft raised an additional $100 million, bringing its valuation to $1.1 billion.

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Poor Password Policies Initial Cause of Massive SolarWinds Breach

New information provided by the CISA, NSA, and FBI outlines the massive SolarWinds breach in further detail. It points to poor password management as the initial cause but outlines numerous issues contributing to the breach.

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Privacy Software Vendor OneTrust Raises $300 Million

The privacy software space is heating up with investment. OneTrust announced it raised an additional $300 million, bringing its valuation to $5.1 billion.

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ServiceNow Bolsters AI Capabilities With Acquisition of Element AI

Successful AI deployment requires both strong software and strong talent. ServiceNow’s announcement of their acquisition of Element AI will help boost their platform’s AI capabilities and bring strong talent onboard.

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Salesforce plus Slack: a force to be reckoned with, or too loose a fit? A customer view.

Yesterday Salesforce announced it is acquiring business instant messaging app Slack for the not inconsiderable amount of $27.7bn.

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