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Crowd Views 2019: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is more than just a measurement of how content employees are with their job, department, company, income, or benefits. For insights into how HR and non-HR employees really feel about employee engagement, check out the 2019 G2 Employee Engagement report.

2019 SalesTech Landscape

Sales organizations are tasked with executing at scale. To accomplish this tall task, sales teams need every advantage possible to empower them to sell, including access to the best technology. By providing your team with the most effective sales software, you are gaining an advantage that will allow the company to better execute and outpace competitors.

2019 Digital Transformation Trends

The pace of technology innovation continues to accelerate, and companies continue to find navigating the business strategy, business model, workforce, customer interaction, and business operational changes necessary to compete effectively to be a significant challenge.

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Broadcom to buy Symantec

Broadcom is acquiring Symantec’s enterprise security business for $10.7 billion in an effort to bring more complete solutions including hardware, software, and services to its enterprise customer base.

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human interest

Human Interest raises $15.4M Series B

Human Interest, a 401(k) provider for startups and small businesses, raised a $15.4 million Series B funding round.

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Project management and collaboration suite has recognized the trend of bundling wide-ranging functionality within a single solution, and efforts that follow its funding rounds show as much.

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ATPCO cloud migration

ATPCO—the go-to source of fare, fare-related, and tariff data for the airline and travel industry—is moving to the cloud. Here’s why.

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Capital One data breach

Capital One's recent data breach impacts more than 106 million users. The attack was caused by an insider threat formerly employed by the cloud computing company involved in the hack.

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Salesforce acquires Tableau

Just one week after Google announced its $2.6B acquisition of business intelligence (BI) platform vendor Looker, Salesforce follows suite with a whopping $15.7B for BI platform leader Tableau. The acquisition is an all stock transaction and sets the customer relationship management (CRM) leader up to compete more effectively against rivals Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

Salesforce had a gap in its analytics offering that Tableau fills nicely. Combined with last year’s acquisition of integration platform Mulesoft, it positions Salesforce as an enterprise platform for hybrid IT environments by boosting both its integration capabilities and analytics capabilities in search of the 360 degree customer view that has been an unfulfilled dream of companies for over 20 years.

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Google acquires Looker

Google strengthens its enterprise cloud offering through the $2.6B acquisition of BI platform Looker. Looker’s “born in the cloud” BI platform is a great fit for Google’s portfolio of cloud offerings, and adds much needed analytics capabilities. This acquisition positions Google to compete much more effectively with its cloud rivals AWS, #1 in the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) category, and Microsoft Azure, #2 in the IaaS category.

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Slack goes public

Slack had a massively successful IPO on 6/20, ending with a market cap near $20B. The offering, which was an unusual direct public offering (DPO), continued the successful trend for G2 listed leading vendors started earlier in the year by video conferencing leader Zoom and incident management leader PagerDuty. Internal communications collaboration platform Slack is one of the most reviewed products on G2, with over 16K reviews in total and over 5500 reviews in the past year. As one reviewer stated:

“The Slack is a rich set of tools and various options. The best part is it could easily integrate with other tools like Google Drive, SpreadSheet, and JIRA. It solves the major problem of communication within the organization and saves a lot of time.”

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