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SaaS plays a major role in the ability of employees to work remotely. SaaS spend management can help companies manage costs, and be smarter about how their budget is spent during this uncertain time.

Where employees are fortunate enough to be able to work from home, what are the best tools and practices to stay connected with coworkers—and the communities they serve—while supporting productive work?

Our PandaDoc and G2 Research study reveals what buyers care about when making purchasing decisions in the B2B marketplace—and provides sales strategies to close bigger and better deals in 2020.

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SYSPRO's Upcoming Cloud ERP Offering: A Preview

Overview of SYSPRO's upcoming ERP Cloud offering which aims to help manufacturers and distributors deal with new and old supply chain disruptions.

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Oracle Live 2020: CX Highlights

Oracle Live took place last week, it was entirely virtual, and it included live keynotes as well as on-demand presentations around news, announcements, and product insights.

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ScaleFactor Raises $100 Million Then Abruptly Shuts Down

Accounting automation software company ScaleFactor raises $100 million then abruptly shuts down. CEO Kurt Rathmann said it was due to COVID-19, but a Forbes article says otherwise.

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SAP and Siemens are Trying to Revive the Dream of the End-to-End Industrial Platform

SAP and Siemens partnered to deliver integrated solutions for industrial automation. The partnership can be beneficial to manufacturers but also brings challenges that companies should be aware of.

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Google Expands Partnership to Launch Banking Services

Google announced an expansion of its banking services project to include six additional partner banks. The project’s goal is to offer checking and savings accounts through the Google Pay platform.

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