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Our Researchers

Michael Fauscette (he/him) Headshot

Michael Fauscette (he/him)

Chief Research Officer

Marie MacBain (she/her) Headshot

Marie MacBain (she/her)

VP, Research Operations

Tom Pringle (he/him) Headshot

Tom Pringle (he/him)

VP, Technology Research

Kara Kennedy (she/her) Headshot

Kara Kennedy (she/her)

Research Director, Verticals & Services

Emily Malis (she/her) Headshot

Emily Malis (she/her)

Research Principal, Marketing & Digital Advertising

Stephanie Graham (she/her) Headshot

Stephanie Graham (she/her)

Research Analyst, Marketing & Digital Advertising

Gabriel Gheorghiu Headshot

Gabriel Gheorghiu

Research Principal, ERP & Commerce

Nathan Calabrese (he/him) Headshot

Nathan Calabrese (he/him)

Research Analyst, Finance & Accounting

Michael Gigante (he/him) Headshot

Michael Gigante (he/him)

Research Analyst, CAD, PLM, & Supply Chain

Courtney Moran Headshot

Courtney Moran

Senior Research Analyst, HR

Jazmine Betz (she/her) Headshot

Jazmine Betz (she/her)

Research Analyst, Content Management & Collaboration

Aaron Walker (he/him) Headshot

Aaron Walker (he/him)

Senior Research Analyst, Cybersecurity

Zack Busch (he/him) Headshot

Zack Busch (he/him)

Research Analyst, Cloud Computing & IT

Merry Marwig (she/her) Headshot

Merry Marwig (she/her)

Research Analyst, Privacy

Matthew Miller (he/him) Headshot

Matthew Miller (he/him)

Research Analyst, AI & Analytics

Adam Crivello (he/him) Headshot

Adam Crivello (he/him)

Associate Research Analyst

Jasmine Lee  Headshot

Jasmine Lee

Senior Research Analyst, Health Care

Patrick Szakiel (he/him) Headshot

Patrick Szakiel (he/him)

Senior Research Analyst, Fintech & Education

Shaun Bishop (he/him) Headshot

Shaun Bishop (he/him)

Research Analyst, Education

Dominick Duda (he/him) Headshot

Dominick Duda (he/him)

Research Analyst, Nonprofit

Michael Hupp (he/him) Headshot

Michael Hupp (he/him)

Lead Data Scientist

Beth Mi (she/her) Headshot

Beth Mi (she/her)

Senior Data Analyst

Kishan Kumar Headshot

Kishan Kumar

Data Analyst

Abhigyan Sarma (he/him) Headshot

Abhigyan Sarma (he/him)

Data Analyst

Owen Tannenbaum (he/him) Headshot

Owen Tannenbaum (he/him)

Data Analyst

Chirasmita Mallick Headshot

Chirasmita Mallick

Data Scientist

Brian McGuckin (he/him) Headshot

Brian McGuckin (he/him)

Junior Data Scientist

Jonathan Love Headshot

Jonathan Love

Senior Inquiry Analyst

Mattilee Hillman (she/her) Headshot

Mattilee Hillman (she/her)

Senior Research Editor

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