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Our Researchers

Michael Fauscette Headshot

Michael Fauscette

Chief Research Officer

Marie MacBain Headshot

Marie MacBain

VP, Research Operations

Tom Pringle Headshot

Tom Pringle

VP, Technology Research

Kara Kennedy Headshot

Kara Kennedy

Research Director, Verticals & Services

Robert Mahowald Headshot

Robert Mahowald

VP, Application Research

Rob Light Headshot

Rob Light

Research Principal, Enterprise Solutions

Marshall Lager Headshot

Marshall Lager

Research Principal, Sales & Customer Service

Emily Malis Headshot

Emily Malis

Research Principal, Marketing & Digital Advertising

Stephanie Graham Headshot

Stephanie Graham

Research Analyst, Marketing & Digital Advertising

Gabriel Gheorghiu Headshot

Gabriel Gheorghiu

Research Principal, ERP & Commerce

Lauren Fram Headshot

Lauren Fram

Research Analyst, Retail & E-Commerce

Michael Gigante Headshot

Michael Gigante

Research Analyst, CAD, PLM, & Supply Chain

Courtney Moran Headshot

Courtney Moran

Senior Research Analyst, HR

Jazmine Betz Headshot

Jazmine Betz

Research Analyst, Content Management & Collaboration

Tricia Dempsey Headshot

Tricia Dempsey

Research Analyst, Office & Design

Aaron Walker Headshot

Aaron Walker

Senior Research Analyst, Cloud

Zack Busch Headshot

Zack Busch

Research Analyst, IT & Development

Merry Marwig Headshot

Merry Marwig

Research Analyst, Privacy

Matthew Miller Headshot

Matthew Miller

Research Analyst, AI & Analytics

Adam Crivello Headshot

Adam Crivello

Associate Research Analyst

Jasmine Lee Headshot

Jasmine Lee

Senior Research Analyst, Health Care

Patrick Szakiel Headshot

Patrick Szakiel

Senior Research Analyst, Fintech & Education

Dominick Duda Headshot

Dominick Duda

Research Analyst, Nonprofit

Shaun Bishop Headshot

Shaun Bishop

Research Analyst, Education

Sara Dickey Headshot

Sara Dickey

Associate Research Analyst

Michael Hupp Headshot

Michael Hupp

Manager, Data Science & Analysis

Beth Mi Headshot

Beth Mi

Senior Data Analyst

Owen Tannenbaum Headshot

Owen Tannenbaum

Data Analyst

Chirasmita Mallick Headshot

Chirasmita Mallick

Data Scientist

Brian McGuckin Headshot

Brian McGuckin

Junior Data Scientist

Jonathan Love Headshot

Jonathan Love

Inquiry Analyst

Michael Lang Headshot

Michael Lang

Inquiry Analyst

Mattilee Hillman Headshot

Mattilee Hillman

Senior Research Editor