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G2 Research Analysts

Tom Pringle


Vice President, Market Research

Kara Kennedy


Director of Research Solutions

Emily Malis


Market Research Manager + Research Principal, Marketing & Digital Advertising

Gabriel Gheorghiu

Research Principal, ERP & Commerce

Brianna Bajwa


Research Analyst, Collaboration & Productivity and Office

Shaun Bishop


Research Analyst, HR

Nathan Calabrese


Research Analyst, Finance & Accounting

Priya Dey Headshot

Priya Dey


Senior Research Analyst, Customer Service

Michael Gigante


Research Analyst, CAD, PLM, & Supply Chain

Stephanie Graham


Research Analyst, Marketing & Digital Advertising

Priya Patel

Research Analyst, Content Management & Design

Patrick Szakiel


Research Manager + Senior Research Analyst, Fintech & Legaltech

Aaron Walker


Research Principal, Cybersecurity

Rachael Altman


Research Analyst, Healthcare & Education

Adam Crivello


Research Analyst, Development

Dominick Duda


Research Analyst, Nonprofit, Government, Hospitality, & Real Estate

Preethica Furtado Headshot

Preethica Furtado

Senior Research Analyst, Cloud Infrastructure

Tian Lin


Research Analyst, Cloud Infrastructure

Merry Marwig, CIPP/US


Senior Research Analyst, Privacy & Security

Matthew Miller


Senior Research Analyst, AI & Analytics

Sinchana Mistry Headshot

Sinchana Mistry


Senior Research Editor

Jigmee Bhutia Headshot

Jigmee Bhutia


Research Editor

Michael Fauscette



Jonathan Love Headshot

Jonathan Love


Senior Inquiry Analyst

Michael Hupp Headshot

Michael Hupp


Lead Data Scientist

Chirasmita Mallick Headshot

Chirasmita Mallick

Principal Data Scientist

Kishan Kumar Headshot

Kishan Kumar


Data Analyst, Data Science and Machine Learning

Brian McGuckin Headshot

Brian McGuckin


Data Scientist

Abhigyan Sarma Headshot

Abhigyan Sarma


Data Analyst

Owen Tannenbaum Headshot

Owen Tannenbaum


Senior Data Analyst

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