Deal Discovery Reinvented: Google’s New Feature for the Holiday Season

November 22, 2023

It's time for the 2023 holiday shopping season, and brands and retailers must be prepared to meet consumer preferences and succeed during the seasonal sales. 

Google has introduced a new feature that helps shoppers find the best deals on products in various categories, which is a great way for retailers to be recognized for their efforts.

Why this new feature is the talk of the town? 

Though late November marks the beginning of the holiday season, 40% of shoppers in the US have already started shopping early in October, well before Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Another interesting data from Think with Google says that nearly 84% of holiday shoppers will watch for good promotions, deals, and discounts throughout the holiday season.

With the help of its dataset shopping graph, Google has built a dedicated page on its search that shows the latest deals across the web to match this unique shopping trend and aid brands and retailers. 

All shoppers have to do is search “Shop Deals”; the results will deliver millions of deals at one destination. Shoppers can see the price markdown on each deal and explore more specific results by searching for “top apparel deals” or “top electronics deals.”

Google deal feature Source: Google

In addition, Google has also enrolled a new feature, “ resume browsing,”  where shoppers can continue shopping on the merchant site from where they’ve left off. It will be available upon opening a new tab in the resume browsing card. In the Google merchant setting, merchants can also manage where their deals show up across Google. 

Source: Google

Another Chrome feature, “price insight,” will allow shoppers to see the product’s price history graph in the last 90 days. It will help shoppers know how a typical product's price has changed (increased or decreased) over time. 

What G2 E-Commerce categories are trending among buyers? 

Preparation for the year’s biggest holiday season began more than six months ago. Besides focusing on crafting good promotions or a sales strategy, businesses are actively reviewing their existing software system and investing in newer capacities. 


G2 data shows buyers' engagement in the E-Commerce Software categories increases the most six months before the holiday season. 

The data reveals that traffic to different E-Commerce categories has almost remained the same in the previous year and this year. Some top trending categories buyers are looking at are E-Commerce Platforms, Payment Gateways, Subscription Management, Product Information Management (PIM), etc. 

The E-Commerce Platforms and Payment Gateways categories have the highest traffic, which signifies how more and more businesses are looking to develop online selling capabilities as they shift from traditional selling. They are focusing on choosing the right digital storefront and a good payment to start with. Some buyers may also be searching for a new e-commerce and payment system and are interested in replacing their old ones before the year-end season sale.

How G2 fits in Google’s effort 

As Google has enrolled these new feature updates to its search and Chrome, more businesses would like to be listed on Google, take advantage of its merchant center, and improve the visibility of their companies, products, and deals. This would ultimately benefit the e-commerce websites or marketplaces where the products are linked. 

Good deals on Google means increased website traffic and a rise in shoppers’ expectation of the website. This is where businesses can take advantage of the G2 software marketplace and find the right software to help manage businesses and customers. 

Google and G2’s long-term efforts aim towards a common goal, i.e., helping businesses improve their visibility and ultimately enhance end-user experiences.

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Edited by Shanti S Nair

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Deal Discovery Reinvented: Google’s New Feature for the Holiday Season Google's new feature will allow search and Chrome users to find the latest product deals, resume shopping from where they've left off, and get insights on different products.
Subhransu Sahu Subhransu is a Senior Research Analyst at G2 concentrating on applications technology. Prior to joining G2, Subhransu has spent 2 years working in various domains of marketing like sales and market research. Having worked as a market research analyst at a renowned data analytics and consulting company based in the UK, he holds expertise in deriving market insights from consumer data, preparing insight reports, and client servicing in the consumer and technology domain. He has a deep inclination towards tech innovation and spends most of his time browsing through tech blogs and articles, wiki pages, and popular tech channels on youtube.