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Technology Research

G2 Launches New Category for DataOps Platforms

Every transaction that we make creates data. From swiping your card while going grocery...

Verticals & Services Research

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Benefits, Myths, and Limitations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reinventing and reinvigorating modern healthcare by finding new...

Research News Feed

Dollar General and Walmart Expand into Healthcare

In July 2021, Dollar General announced that it would be expanding its healthcare offerings to...

ERP & Commerce Research

Some Well Known (and Lesser Known) Facts About GAAP

I’m sure many people have heard the term GAAP used in one conversation or another, but unless...

Technology Research

The Environmental Benefits of Smart Buildings

What’s cooler than data, you ask? How about saving the world?  

Technology Research

The Growing Relevance of Containerization in Cloud Computing

If you go to any developer conference in the world, there will definitely be mentions of Docker,

Technology Research

Automating Your IT System with AIOps: Dream Come True?

2021 is the time of growth in the software space. As more and more businesses are getting back...

HR & Collaboration Research

Managing the Convergence of the Physical and Virtual Office

It’s already been established that remote work culture isn’t going anywhere. However, that...

Application Research

How Cloud ERP Helps Address Manufacturing Challenges

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems were created for manufacturing companies decades ago,...

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