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Verticals & Services Research

The Appeal and Real-Life Consequences of Applying Synthetic Data to Sensitive Clinical Data

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, health systems, medical researchers, and medical institutions...

Technology Research

When Platforms Collide, Analytics Evolves

Within the enterprise tech space, the seemingly endless evolution of data-driven insights...

Application Research

How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Software for Your Business

If you are reading this, you have internet access and have probably already tried to buy...

B2B Services

Surging Interest in Online Proctoring Leads to New G2 Category

For colleges forced to close their campuses amid the coronavirus pandemic, virtual classes were...

Verticals & Services Research

The Construction Project Lifecycle Drives Innovation in Construction Technology

Construction projects can be gargantuan undertakings, made up of a mind-boggling number of...

Application Research

G2 Adds New Categories for Work Management and Project Collaboration

For decades, project management software has been straightforward—buyers knew very well what to...

Technology Research

Investing in Automation in the Data Privacy Software Market

One of the hottest topics in data privacy management in 2020 is automation—specifically,...

Application Research

Computer-Aided Design (CAD): State of Category

Computer-aided design (CAD) software was developed as part of a project delivered in 1960 by...

Application Research

How to Keep Supply Chains Up and Running During Major Disruptions

While supply chain management is a relatively new concept, trade is one of the oldest human...

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