Microsoft Teams Launches New AI Library

October 12, 2023

Microsoft Teams has announced the launch of an AI library, enabling developers to introduce large language models (LLMs) into Teams. The addition of conversational apps in Teams is set to boost user efficiency and productivity.

The evolution of Microsoft Teams’ AI adoption

The COVID-19 pandemic has notoriously changed the frequency of meetings over the past three years. 

A survey of 435 workers conducted by Microsoft found that 57% of workers experienced increased meeting load. Furthermore, Teams users specifically experienced a 55% increase in Teams weekly meetings.

To combat increasing meeting fatigue experienced by so many, Microsoft Teams introduced a tool in May 2023 that utilizes AI to automatically generate meeting transcripts and notes, key action items, and timeline markers that specify who was speaking and when. 

To take it a step further, these timeline markers are also personalized, meaning a Teams user could see if and when their name was mentioned and in what context. This feature also provided information about when a screen was shared, when a user joined or left a meeting, and any documents shared during the call.

Microsoft Teams’ newest AI integration, the AI Library, will pivot away from meeting admin and focus on empowering developers with a suite of code functionalities to simplify the creation of bots and message extensions to enhance conversational experiences within the app. 

The AI Library will include natural language modeling, prompt engineering, conversational session history, localization, LLM modularity, responsible AI, and a predictive engine for mapping intents to actions.

What’s the big deal about AI integrations?

AI has the power to analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make intelligent decisions and predictions based on these patterns. 

The potential benefits of integrating AI into SaaS products are universally recognized across all sectors and industries, making it an obvious target of pursuit for many. AI can drastically revamp workflows by automating processes, reducing redundant work, and aiding in complex decision making and scenario analysis. 

By implementing AI, businesses can cut costs, boost productivity, facilitate innovation, and improve overall efficiency. As a result, it has become standard practice for many SaaS companies to leverage AI integrations to provide clients with the best possible experience.

Microsoft has noticeably recognized the benefits of integrating AI into Teams, from a user standpoint at first and now from a developer perspective. However, there are still ways that Microsoft could consider using AI to address some common customer concerns. 

According to G2’s new Pros & Cons product feature, customers have identified integration availability as a pro for Microsoft Teams.


With the addition of the Teams AI Library, Microsoft has demonstrated that they not only listen to their customers but are continuously looking for ways to enhance their offerings and ensure customers continue to receive the solutions they need.

G2 reviewer Nimisha M., senior software engineer wrote, “Teams offers various integrations with third-party applications, including project management tools, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and productivity apps.”

AI to empower developers

As with other SaaS companies, Microsoft is no stranger to utilizing and implementing AI in its products. 

The anticipated launch of the Microsoft Teams AI Library will encourage developers to continue building more apps for the platform, increasing integrations and functionality available within the platform. 

Empowering developers with AI will lead to an increase in apps and extensions that will ultimately aid in streamlining processes through custom solutions for clients. This will be incredibly beneficial to those who work in niche industries and require custom integrations and workflow solutions.

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Edited by Jigmee Bhutia

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Microsoft Teams Launches New AI Library Microsoft Teams is launching an AI library to enable developers to build large language models (LLMs) into their apps, boosting productivity for its users.
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