Xero’s New Square Integration Will Simplify Sales Reconciliation

September 29, 2021

Xero, the New Zealand-based accounting platform, announced last week that its app partner, Amaka, has built an updated integration for Square Payments

This integration will allow customers to reconcile sales through Square directly in Xero, capture point of sale (POS) transactions, and even accept Square payments through Xero invoices (in Australia, the UK, Ireland, US, and Canada). 

Rise in traffic to G2's Payment Processing category

Since the beginning of the pandemic, traffic to G2’s Payment Processing category has increased by 247%, in large part due to the uptick in online shopping as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

chart representing traffic to G2's Payment Processing category

Consumers want a fast, secure, and reliable payment option, while retailers need to keep up with all transactions and have an easy and accessible source to manage those transactions. Accountants appreciate integrations into their existing platforms as well, as expressed through a review left by Xero user John P.:

“We used Square before Xero integrated and now I couldn't imagine life without it.”

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Xero and Square continue their partnership

The original Square integration for Xero was introduced in 2014, and much like their new integration, allowed Square customers to link their Square and Xero accounts to pull past sales data and daily transaction data into Xero's GL. 

This newest integration has finetuned the original functionality while including the additional features mentioned above. This partnership between the two platforms is mutually beneficial because it allows Xero to continue to build out and expand its international presence while giving Square the opportunity to reach more merchants and offer seamless integrations to grow their footprint. 

The current Square integration will be fully phased out by November 30, 2021, and it is advised that all current users switch to the new integration before this date.

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