AI Writing Assistants Ranked Based on G2 Reviews

April 26, 2024

Struggling with writer's block? There may be a perfect tool for you.

AI writing assistants are helping businesses thrive in today's competitive landscape.

As per a McKinsey global survey on AI, creating text documents using AI is one of the top three use cases for marketing, sales, product, development, and operations. Regardless of which team you work for, AI can help you write better content, such as marketing emails, technical documents, product designs, and more.

With the help of G2 data, we will take a deep dive into AI writing assistants to find which tool ranks best for two vital facets of writing and editing—grammar correction and formatting.

AI writing assistants can significantly reduce writing and editing time

AI writing assistant software enhances the writing process by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. These tools empower professionals across various sectors, from marketers crafting compelling emails to HR recruiters refining job descriptions. 

Top products in this space offer real-time grammar correction, tone refinement, and content creation. Users can write quickly and confidently as these AI assistants provide tailored recommendations based on different use cases.

How does AI writing assistant software benefit modern businesses?

  • Enhanced efficiency: AI can automate tedious tasks like grammar checking and content research. This enables teams to produce more content in less time.
  • Improved quality: With advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, these tools offer insightful recommendations to refine tone, style, and structure. This often results in high-quality written materials that resonate with the target audiences. 
  • Streamlined collaboration: Many AI writing tools today have collaborative features and integrate with existing tools. This facilitates smoother teamwork and ensures consistent messaging and branding.

However, not all AI writing assistants are created equally. The best grammar check assistant is not the best content generation assistant. In this article, we will rank the top assistant products based on grammar and formatting.

Top-ranked AI writing assistants in grammar correction

Although most people can get by grammar “by the ear,” writing correctly with confidence in the workplace requires knowing complex grammar rules. When was the last time you revisited grammar rules? Probably never for many working adults.

An AI writing assistant can check grammar, tone, and formatting for you. “Grammar Check” corrects grammatical errors like misspellings, sentence run-ons, etc. “Tone Check” evaluates the emotional tone of words written. “Sentence Formatting” ensures sentences are formatted properly. 

If you struggle with grammar-related issues, here are the top five AI writing assistants with the best grammar correction features.

Out of 68 AI writing assistant software listed on G2, Autorytr ranked the highest among reviewers with 99%. PerfectEssayWriter.AI, HelloScribe, Constant Contact, and Narrato Workspace also rank higher than the category average of 90%. If your priority is good grammar, you should check these products out.

Top-ranked AI writing assistants in formatting

On top of grammar correction, formatting is another important task that can be automated. AI writing assistants can check for plagiarism, guidelines on writing styles (MLA, APA, CMOS, etc.), and citations. 

This feature is especially helpful when you are writing for professional organizations such as colleges and medical schools. Here are the top five AI writing assistants with the best formatting features. 

Out of 68 AI writing assistant software listed on G2, Autorytr once again ranked the highest among reviewers with 98%. Constant Contact, Narrato Workspace, INK For All, and Hour One also rank much higher than the category average of 84%. If you want to save time with formatting, these products are worth a look.

Next up: content generation ratings

Content generation is one of the most significant use cases for AI writing assistant software. However, there are many different types of content.

Some tools are used for product ideas, while others are used for marketing purposes. For the next article, we will dive deeper into which products are ranked top based on their use case type.

Learn more about the future of writing, through the lens of AI.

Edited by Jigmee Bhutia

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AI Writing Assistants Ranked Based on G2 Reviews To identify the best AI writing assistant for grammar and formatting, let's analyze the strengths of the top ranking software products in these key areas.
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