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Cloud, Dev & IT

An Amazonian Challenge: The Year of Cloud Partnerships

No one should be surprised that Amazon owns the lion’s share of the cloud computing market.

Cloud, Dev & IT

Cloud Computing in Health Care

I recall—and many of us can relate to—picking up X-ray sheets from one doctor and driving them...

Cloud, Dev & IT

Analyzing API Security in the Multicloud World

Modern applications send and receive an unfathomable amount of data at any given time. This flow...

Cloud, Dev & IT

Challenges of Multicloud Solution Management and Security

Not all clouds are created equal, at least not in terms of security.

Cloud, Dev & IT

The Case for Multicloud Infrastructure Adoption

Putting all your eggs in one basket doesn’t always work out well. We’ve all done it, and when...

Cloud, Dev & IT

G2 on Cloud Security: Investigating the Risks of Cloud Computing

The rapid adoption of cloud computing services has given businesses a false sense of security...

Cloud, Dev & IT

Oracle Continues Its Data-Driven Journey to the Cloud

At Oracle’s 2019 annual user event, OpenWorld, the vendor’s transformation to a cloud company...

Cloud, Dev & IT

Oracle@Oracle: Walking in Customers’ Shoes for Better Outcomes

Oracle OpenWorld 2019 was a distinctly different experience to attend over prior years, largely...

Cloud, Dev & IT

The G2 on the Cloud: The History of Cloud Adoption

The concept of cloud computing isn’t new. References to cloud computing have been around since...

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