2024 Trends: Generative AI Can Boost AIOps Adoption

October 11, 2023

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Generative AI will solve the biggest problem of AIOps

AIOps combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the intricate demands of IT infrastructure to optimize, enhance, and streamline IT operations.

Its advanced algorithms proactively monitor, analyze, and predict system performance to detect anomalies and potential issues before they disrupt services. 

This fusion of technology empowers organizations to improve efficiency and agility and harness the full potential of their digital ecosystems.

However, AIOps comes with its own challenges—the need for user-friendly interfaces and learning how to use the software.

AIOps tools reviewers value user-friendly interfaces

After analyzing the "What do you like best" section in the 2023 G2 AIOps software review section, I've identified several core themes based on 149 responses. The most mentioned theme is “User-Friendly Interface.”

AIOps reviews

AIOps solutions are most often praised for their user-friendly interfaces. Many reviewers appreciate the intuitive design, allowing them to navigate the platform easily. 

The simplicity and clarity of the interface decrease the learning curve, enabling users to quickly adapt and make the most out of the software's features. This is vital because many AIOps solutions are difficult to navigate and use.

Learning to use AIOps is the biggest challenge for users

When I analyzed the “Dislike” section of AIOps reviews in 2023, the most mentioned theme was unsurprisingly “Complexity.” Many reviewers mentioned that the AIOps software is not very user-friendly. 

 AIops software challenges.

Users found navigating the various features challenging and felt the learning curve was steep. Some also mentioned that the software had too many unnecessary features, adding to the confusion. 

Because AIOps software is so hard to learn, it also has a low user adoption rate of 56%. This means that almost every one of the two user licenses purchased for this type of software is wasted.

The user adoption rate of other IT infrastructure and management software averages around 70% on G2, which is much higher than AIOps.

A transformative approach to the learning process for AIOps platforms

In 2024, at least 80% of AIOps providers will have some of the following generative AI features to reduce the difficult learning curve: 

Tailored tutorials

The software can craft individualized tutorials by assessing user profiles and interactions. These textual or video-based guides align with the user's requirements, ensuring they understand the software's nuances more effectively.

Practice environments

The software can create virtual IT settings where users can experiment with AIOps tools. These mock environments present real-world-like challenges, granting users practical experience without any genuine repercussions.

On-demand assistance

Advanced virtual assistants embedded within the software can address user queries as they arise. The assistant can provide a comprehensive, context-specific explanation if a user encounters a stumbling block with a feature.

Actionable feedback

The software offers immediate feedback as users navigate the AIOps platform. It can highlight more streamlined methods to accomplish tasks or pinpoint frequent errors, suggesting ways to sidestep them.

Illustrative support

Depending on the task at hand, the software can spontaneously generate visual aids like diagrams or animations. Such visuals can demystify intricate procedures or workflows.

Customized learning modules

Acknowledging the diverse learning preferences of users, the software can modify instructional content in real time. If a user grapples with a topic, the system can present additional materials or alternative explanations to reinforce understanding.

Instant code suggestions

The system can instantly offer relevant code samples or scripts for those interfacing with the software through code, streamlining the implementation process.

By integrating generative AI capabilities, the onboarding process for AIOps software becomes more immersive, user-centric, and effective, empowering users to unlock the platform's capabilities.

Tomorrow’s solution will solve today’s problem

While AIOps software in 2023 was hailed for its user-friendly interface, its complexity posed challenges, leading to a 56% adoption rate. 

To address this, by 2024, 80% of AIOps vendors are expected to integrate generative AI. This integration will offer features like tailored tutorials and on-demand assistance to simplify the user experience and boost adoption rates.

Consider these seven tips from a legal expert on using generative AI.

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AIOps Tools Save time with AI

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