2024 Trends: Developer AI Usage Will Propel Formal Adoption

October 11, 2023

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Companies will catch up to their developers’ AI usage

AI code generation tools have hit the market, offering developers a way to offload work and increase efficiency. AI code generation tools are already pretty good at automating tedious code, which only promises to improve. 

However, many companies have yet to incorporate AI tools as a formal part of their business processes in general, much less their software development processes. In fact, 75% of businesses are implementing or considering bans on ChatGPT

So why on earth do I think those companies will change their tune in 2024? 

In short, company bans on AI tools won’t actually stop developers from using them. Perhaps organizations have a chance at slowing the phenomenon if their developers aren’t already using AI at work. 

But once developers have experienced the productivity boosts for themselves, they’re unlikely to give that up. And the data below further drives that point.

Developers are the largest group of workers reviewing AI chatbots in 2023

An analysis of reviews in G2’s AI Chatbots category shows that, of reviews that include their job titles, over 25% are from software developers in 2023. That makes software developers the largest reviewer group in that category compared to similar personas.

A bar chart highlighting the most popular job titles reviewing AI Chatbots on G2.

That kind of usage will be difficult for companies to quell, especially considering how easy these chatbots are to access. Other AI code generation tools, which operate by integrating with an existing company-owned development environment, are easier to guard rail.

But anybody can prompt a code-capable AI chatbot on their personal computer, copy the resulting lines of code, and paste them into their development environment at work. And why wouldn’t they if it makes their work easier?

Over the next year, more and more organizations will realize that their developers are using AI whether they like it or not. And the best way to implement guardrails will be to make company-provisioned usage easier and more accessible than personal methods. 

Using AI code generation tools to stay ahead of the curve

If companies want oversight regarding AI in development, they must consider formally implementing AI code generation tools sooner rather than later. 

It’s certainly a big decision, and AI code completion comes with other cons that need to be reckoned with. Still, buyers who adopt AI code generation tools now could get a valuable head start on optimizing usage while enjoying productivity gains.

Unsanctioned use isn’t the only issue with AI code generation. Learn more about the pros and cons of AI code completion.

Edited by Jigmee Bhutia

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2024 Trends: Developer AI Usage Will Propel Formal Adoption 2023 has been dominated by AI, and software development has not gone unaffected. 2024 will see widespread, formal AI adoption among development teams. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2CM_C04_Digital_Trends_2024_11_Adam_Crivello_Development_AI_F1.png
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