G2 Fall 2018 Algorithm Updates

Michael Fauscette
Michael Fauscette  |  August 6, 2018

In anticipation of the Fall 2018 report release, G2 is releasing an update to its Satisfaction and Market Presence algorithms on August 15, 2018.

The Satisfaction algorithm ranks products on overall customer satisfaction based on G2 Crowd reviews. The Satisfaction score controls the horizontal placement of products within our Grid® and Segmented Grids®.

The Market Presence algorithm combines user reviews, publicly available data and third-party metrics to score products — more than 15 data points in total. The Market Presence score controls the vertical placement of products within our Grid® and Segmented Grids® and is meant to measure product and vendor impact and influence within a category.

Why are we making changes?

At G2 Crowd, we are committed to continuously improving our algorithms to better assist buyers in their decision-making processes.

Furthermore, as both G2 Crowd and the software & services spaces have grown, we recognized that the Grids® in our highly populated categories could be visually crowded, making it unclear who the true leaders in the space are.

While the upcoming algorithm updates will maintain the same rank order of product Satisfaction scores, they will better distribute leading products to more clearly differentiate between product Leaders.In addition, we are tweaking our Enterprise Market Presence algorithm to better highlight data that is relevant to enterprise buyers.

If you have any questions about this release, email us at research@g2crowd.com.

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Michael Fauscette

Michael Fauscette

Michael is an experienced technology executive with a diverse software background that includes experience as a software company executive and leading a premier marketing research team. Michael is a published author, blogger, photographer, and accomplished public speaker on emerging trends in business software, digital transformation, and customer experience strategies.