Logicbroker Partners with Kibo Commerce to Boost Omnichannel Commerce

June 18, 2023

On June 7, 2023, Logicbroker announced its partnership with Kibo Commerce, an e-commerce and order management software company.

This comes after Logicbroker partnered with McFadyen Digital in January 2023 to build supply experience management (SXM) services for enterprise retailers and brands. 

The new partnership between Logicbroker and Kibo Commerce is aimed at creating a unified system to help brands and retailers win the game of omnichannel commerce.

What does this partnership mean? 

Logicbroker’s partnership with Kibo Commerce is a strategic move towards strengthening its e-commerce and supply chain tech stack. The synergy between Logicbroker and Kibo will enable retailers to enhance their presence across all B2B and D2C sales channels, focusing on improved supply chain processes.

Retail and e-commerce space have become increasingly competitive post-COVID. The focus of businesses has shifted to providing the best-in-class experience at each customer touchpoint. 

The overall customer experience impacts a lot of KPIs for retail businesses such as sales, traffic, customer retention, new customer acquisition, and more. While providing a seamless shopping experience is important at the front end, the supply chain and inventory need to be robust at the back end.

While Kibo Commerce offers a powerful unified e-commerce platform, Logicbroker's offering spans drop shipping, marketplace, and B2B supply chain visibility solutions. With Kibo Commerce joining the Logicbroker network, the focus will be to integrate their expertise and build powerful tools to fuel frictionless commerce.

G2 insights on software spending

The tech ecosystem has witnessed a lot of economic downturns recently. Nonetheless, software vendors have been resorting to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and partnerships to fill critical gaps in their offerings. 

Businesses are also continuing to invest in their offerings as a part of their growth strategy and have used the crisis to plan for the future.

data from G2's 2023 Buyer Behavior Report

Source: 2023 G2 buyer behavior report

Investment in software has been a crucial strategy for many businesses now. 

As per G2’s 2023 Software Buyer Report containing a poll of over 1,700 global software buyers, nearly 49% said software spending will increase in 2023. The number goes up to 55% in 2024. It’s a good sign for companies like Logicbroker and Kibo Commerce that collaborate to develop unique solutions to solve business problems. 

Another part of the buyer behavior report also emphasizes the growing importance of software buyers looking for one tool that fits all. Nearly 84% voted in favor of one solution to solve multiple business problems instead of using several tools. This aptly demonstrates the duos' mission to create a unified system using the tech stack available within the two companies.

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Building partnerships to enhance offerings 

Software companies leveraging partnerships is a great way to share technical expertise and build products. While these synergies are highly impactful for product development, software vendors should also take heed of buyers’ preferences to craft better products and devise marketing and sales strategies. 

G2’s buyer behavior report has uncovered tons of hidden insights on software buying and spending patterns, implementation, ROI, etc., which is of paramount importance to software vendors. 

It will be exciting to see how companies will leverage these insights and win in their respective fields.

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Edited by Shanti S Nair

Logicbroker Partners with Kibo Commerce to Boost Omnichannel Commerce Logicbroker partners with Kibo Commerce to provide brands and retailers with a unified ecosystem with access to a network of suppliers and a drop-ship marketplace. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/online%20shopping.jpg
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