Why mBaaS Is Essential to Mobile Development

August 24, 2023

Software development, especially for mobile applications, can be a long and complicated process.

Mobile backend-as-a-service (mBaaS) software offers a helping hand to these overworked developers.  

The backbone of mobile development

mBaaS, in many ways, serves as the backbone of application development. Providing an architecture for mobile applications in the cloud lowers a development team’s need to manually build out complicated backend infrastructure. 

mBaaS products are also often very scalable, allowing developers to build off mBaaS in the cloud without worrying about space limitations.

Backend development can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of the development process. By investing in mBaaS, however, organizations can save developers from laboring on time-consuming, repetitive tasks. 

In an excellent article on the benefits of mBaaS, G2’s Devyani Mehta summarizes that “mBaaS lowers development costs for businesses and allows developers to focus on building the app instead of worrying about infrastructure. It often speeds up the app creation process and gets apps to the target users quickly." 

Saving developers’ time with mBaaS

One of the key goals of mBaaS is to free up developers’ schedules and allow them to focus on larger, more complex projects. Looking through G2 user reviews, it’s clear this benefit is top of mind for this audience as well.


mBaaS is rising in popularity

The Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS) software category on G2 has seen a 34% increase in pageviews over the past month. 

Why exactly is this category gaining in popularity? It likely stems from a combination of factors. 

As the world relies ever more on smartphones instead of traditional PCs, mobile platforms are naturally at the forefront when it comes to application development. While traditional development utilizes backend as a service (BaaS), mobile applications benefit from the backend structure mBaaS offers. Backend services help mobile applications connect with servers and let users work on the go. 

mBaaS is also essential when it comes to security. In an era where complying with data protection laws has become essential, mBaaS allows organizations to safeguard user data in a reliable and organized manner.

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A win-win for developers and organizations

mBaaS serves as a win-win for both developers and organizations.

Developers are provided a foundation to work with, which allows them to spend less time on basic but time-consuming tasks. Instead, these developers are freed up to work on complex, critical projects that would otherwise be delayed. 

Organizations also benefit from mBaaS, as it increases productivity, saves money, and reduces the time needed to develop and update critical business applications. As the world continues to go mobile, look for mBaaS to continue to be a hot topic in the software development space.

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Edited by Jigmee Bhutia

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