Tipalti Releases New Features for Invoice Collaboration

June 28, 2022

Accounts payable (AP) automation leader Tipalti recently released two new features on its platform to improve communication and documentation capabilities when approving invoices. Approving invoices is arguably the most tedious and time-consuming task within an accounts department. Therefore, it’s critical for approvers and buyers to quickly and easily communicate to minimize approval cycle times. 

Tipalti’s new features improve communication and audit readiness

Tipalti announced on June 08, 2022, the release of two new features, Bill Talk and Bill Docs, to its accounts payable automation solution. The company made these new additions to allow buyers and approvers to collaborate effortlessly, decrease approval cycle times, and improve audit readiness.

When reviewing and approving invoices, buyers and approvers must be able to interact and communicate easily and efficiently. With the creation of Bill Talk, users can now exchange comments and questions directly on the invoice or bill without having to log in or exchange comments outside of the bill. 

Not all AP automation platforms have features that allow easy, quick communication around invoice approvals. Companies are looking for AP automation software that can control the approval cycle, saving time and money.

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The other new feature added to Tipalti’s platform is Bill Docs, which allows users to attach additional documents to an invoice without logging in. Attaching and commenting on necessary documents helps accounting and AP teams stay organized and comply with future audits. 

Tipalti’s Chief Product Officer, Roby Baruch, explains that “The AP process has historically been the most time-consuming function in finance,” which led to Tipalti “reshaping how businesses manage their financial operations by eliminating manual, burdensome processes.”

Tipalti and G2’s Accounts Payable Automation category 

Tipalti is in the Leaders quadrant in G2’s Grid® for the Accounts Payable Automation category, among over 170 other products. 

G2 Grid® for the top Accounts Payable Automation Software products with Tipalti circled

You can find more information about Tipalti and other AP automation platforms on G2 and review the category definition and a detailed buyer’s guide for all things AP automation.

As more companies allow their employees to work remotely, businesses must ensure that their workforce has the necessary resources and access for uninterrupted workflows while staying accurate, quick, and compliant. I believe more AP automation platforms will follow suit by introducing features that enhance their software, if not already, to keep up with the competition and better serve their ever-mobile customers.

Edited by Shanti S Nair

Tipalti Releases New Features for Invoice Collaboration Accounts payable automation provider Tipalti recently released two new features to improve collaboration between buyers and approvers, as well as accelerate approval cycle times. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Tipalti%20NFs-NC.jpg
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