G2 Winter 2019 Algorithm Updates

November 7, 2018

In anticipation of the Winter 2019 report releases, G2 Crowd is launching updates to its Market Presence algorithm on November 7, 2018.

The Market Presence algorithm combines user reviews, publicly available data and third-party metrics to score products — 15 data points in total. The Market Presence score controls the vertical placement of products within our Grid® and Segmented Grids® and is meant to measure product and vendor impact and influence within a category.

Why are we making changes?

As vendors optimize and expand their feature sets, many products have evolved into what G2 Crowd defines as compound products: products which offer a multitude of features across multiple distinctive software categories. As of October 2018, 36 percent of products on G2 Crowd Grids® are considered compound products.

However, not all compound products have compound users. In many cases, users may not leverage a platform’s full scope of features — particularly when said features are not key to delivering the product’s main functionality. For example, a help desk software for support may offer a live chat feature, but a company may have that functionality disabled if its product doesn’t require live chat support.

The Winter 2019 update to the Market Presence algorithm focuses on providing buyers with a clear picture of the products truly rooted in a category, compared to those that have feature sets with a lower rate of adoption or use across their customer base. The algorithm accomplishes this by accounting for the distribution of reviewers across a compound product's categories, providing better visibility into product's core and secondary competencies.

This update to the Market Presence algorithm will be reflected in G2 Crowd’s Winter 2019 reports releasing on December 12, 2018.

If you have any questions about this release, email us at research@g2crowd.com.

G2 Winter 2019 Algorithm Updates In anticipation of the Winter 2019 report releases, G2 is launching updates to its Market Presence algorithm on November 7, 2018. https://learn.g2crowd.com/hubfs/Stock%20images/Businessman%20hand%20using%20mobile%20phone%20with%20digital%20layer%20effect%20as%20business%20strategy%20concept.jpeg
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