AVEVA Partners With EDF to Upgrade EDF’s 3D Nuclear Engineering Program

December 22, 2021

AVEVA, a leading product lifecycle management (PLM) and product and machine design software provider for industrial organizations, announced a strategic partnership with Electricité De France (EDF), an electricity company, to enhance the latter’s 3D nuclear engineering program. 

With this partnership, EDF is expecting to bolster its engineering design portfolio by providing faster 3D design and delivery of its nuclear plants while maintaining high standards for safety and performance.

Role of PLM and product and machine design software

PLM software helps manage data across the product lifecycle, from inception to production, servicing, and distribution. Organizations use this software to boost efficiency and collaboration among engineering and design teams, thereby enhancing quality, promoting creativity, and reducing the time to market for a product. It is used across industries to centralize and share product information and standardize the process of product development.

Product and machine design is a computer-aided design (CAD) software that assists in the creation of 3D models of machine parts, components, and assemblies. This software is widely used by designers and engineers across manufacturing, product design, automotive, marine and other industries. It helps generate precision 3D models of parts, components, and assemblies to support manufacturing, engineering, and design processes.

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Why did AVEVA partner with EDF?

AVEVA E3D PLM and product and machine design software facilitate the creation of high-quality 3D models and provide users with a data repository to verify information related to the product. The demand for PLM software is growing essentially due to its data warehousing capabilities that offer all product information. Manufacturers are looking to invest in smart connected products to integrate the electronic and mechanical components with software solutions that help in efficient product management. 

AVEVA’s association with EDF will help with the faster development of 3D models by cutting down on the time taken for designing and engineering the product. The program aims at improving consistency and accuracy in the quality of deliverables, eliminating the requirement for rework.

AVEVA CEO Peter Herweck's quote explaining how the agreement will benefit both parties

The partnership will enable multiple users across diverse locations to collaborate within a digital twin repository by organizing data from disparate design domains such as mechanical, electrical, and civil works. This will ensure higher data consistency and eradicate duplication, thereby making EDF’s 3D nuclear engineering program more competitive.

With AVEVA technology, users will be able to work together on shared 3D models concurrently, enhancing the quality of EDF’s nuclear engineering design processes.

Growing demand for PLM and product and machine design software

The PLM and product and machine design market are booming, with buyers in the automotive, aerospace, marine, defense, and other industries wanting to replace old legacy systems with software that offers enhanced capabilities. 

PLM’s data management and visualization features make it a much sought-after solution. Similarly, majority of the industries are moving toward 3D modeling from traditional 2D drawings, enhancing CAD data’s visual appeal which is driving the demand for product and machine design software.

Additionally, digitization has fuelled the uptake of these solutions as they boost productivity and play a pivotal role in reducing product development costs.

Graph showing growth in traffic to G2's PLM software category

Pie chart showing distribution of reviews for Product and Machine Design software by company segment

The PLM software market is evolving and is a highly competitive industry. G2’s PLM software category has seen steady traffic with more than 38% growth in views during November 2021. Additionally, the review trend for the Product and Machine Design category on G2 has been witnessing growth especially in the small business and mid-market segments, which is directly proportional to the demand for the product. This data reflects that a rising number of technology buyers are searching for and implementing PLM software to collate information about product development, streamline the flow of orders, and improve collaboration among stakeholders.

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AVEVA Partners With EDF to Upgrade EDF’s 3D Nuclear Engineering Program AVEVA has announced a partnership with EDF to upgrade the latter’s 3D nuclear engineering program. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Nuclear%20power%20plant.jpg
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