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Technology Research

Saving Companies from IT Disruption with Server Monitoring

Every established company requires healthy servers to operate in today’s complex IT environment....

Technology Research

Introducing G2’s Latest Category: Data Warehouse Automation

The data warehouse software market is booming. According to a report by Yellowbrick, it is...

Technology Research

Leaving Your Legacy Behind and Moving to the Cloud

Choosing your IT infrastructure is a key strategic decision. Although there is much talk about...

Technology Research

Why Most Companies Mismanage Software Inventory and Overspend

As the number of software solutions used by companies continues to expand rapidly, software...

Technology Research

Reducing the High Costs of Data Storage with Data Deduplication

How much data storage do businesses need for storage and backup? Four of the biggest online...

Technology Research

Why Most Businesses’ Mobile Presence Failed

Digitalization is the key to success for many businesses today, especially during the COVID-19...

Technology Research

Quantum Computing: Myth or Reality?

Classical computing has come a long way, from solving simple mathematical problems to using...

Technology Research

G2 Launches New Category for DataOps Platforms

Every transaction that we make creates data. From swiping your card while going grocery...

Technology Research

The Environmental Benefits of Smart Buildings

What’s cooler than data, you ask? How about saving the world?  

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