Content Experience Platform SnapApp Acquired by Uberflip

December 16, 2019

Uberflip, a content experience platform that creates personalized content experiences through audience intelligence, journey acceleration, and experience management, recently acquired SnapApp. SnapApp, another content experience platform, has been offering interactive content tools since its founding in 2012. 

SnapApp offers online tools for building calculators, quizzes, infographics, interactive videos, and various other types of interactive content. However, according to Uberflip’s CEO Yoav Schwartz, SnapApp has “changed dramatically over the last 18 months—it now offers a better, smarter way to understand a visitor by peppering them with questions as they’re browsing a marketer’s website.” Uberflip’s acquisition of SnapApp will improve users' ability to personalize content and serve content recommendations to potential buyers and current customers.

Randy Frisch, President and CMO of Uberflip, posted a blog on LinkedIn in early 2018 which discussed how marketers need to shift their focus from just creating great content to delivering great content experiences. Frisch added that marketers spend a lot of time around content creation and organization, but not enough time on content distribution

In support of Frisch’s claim, according to CMI research, content marketers have increased spending on content creation by 56% in the past 12 months, their biggest spend. The only reference to distribution is in paid content. 

According to 2019 B2B Content Marketing Research, the majority (56%) of content markets report that they've increased spending on content creation.

Source: 2019 B2B Content Marketing Research

On G2, the content experience software category has over 50 products and over 1,200 product reviews. G2’s data also supports Frisch’s claim; the content creation software category has over 150 products and over 1,700 reviews. In addition to that, over the last 12 months, the content creation category page has over three times the amount of page traffic as the content experience category page. (You can see some of the software leaders in the content experience category in G2’s Fall 2019 Grid® Report, which includes Showpad Content, Uberflip, ClearSlide, PathFactory, Skyword, and ON24.) 


There is also content experience software that can be utilized within an account-based marketing strategy, called account-based web and content experiences software. This type of software displays unique content for each targeted account on a company’s website by personalizing text, branding, calls to action, images, etc. and also assists marketers in monitoring page views and conversions per account as they engage with their website and content. Uberflip is included in this category.

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We can expect content experience software to continue to evolve and grow as consumers expect a 1:1, hyper-personalized content experience. This will include not just personalizing for each individual, but also personalizing how they consume content across multiple channels. 

Content Experience Platform SnapApp Acquired by Uberflip Toronto-based Uberflip completed its first acquisition—content experience platform SnapApp (Boston-based)—to assist in smarter content targeting and help marketers leverage their content more effectively.
Emily Malis Greathouse Emily is Director, Market Research at G2. She earned her Bachelor of Science in business administration and Master's of Business Administration degree with a concentration in marketing and business analytics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She's worked in various industries, including media consulting, information technology, employee wellness, and finance and accounting. She enjoys coaching and volunteering for Girls on the Run, attending concerts and music festivals, running half marathons, and hiking.