Oracle Buys CrowdTwist to Expand CX Capabilities

October 10, 2019

Continuing on the theme of delivering personalized customer experiences, Oracle announced its purchase of CrowdTwist to further expand the company's CX capabilities. This acquisition comes hot on the heels of Oracle OpenWorld, where Oracle also announced a partnership with Deloitte Digital to launch Oracle CX Unity, a customer intelligence platform. 

Earlier this year, Christine Bardwell, senior product manager of Oracle Loyalty Cloud, predicted the unification of CX, digital transformation, and customer loyalty into one single strategy. Bardwell further stated that any customer experience strategy or activity needs loyalty at its heart, which makes this recent acquisition not all that surprising. Post-acquisition the CrowdTwist team will join the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud organization.

CrowdTwist is a multichannel loyalty and engagement solution that offers adaptable programs tailored to the needs of the customer to offer discounts, points, check-ins, or rewards. G2 has over 200 products in the Loyalty Management Software category, a majority of which fall within the small-business company segment (see chart below).

Loyalty Management Software by Company Size


With this recent acquisition, Oracle plans to integrate CrowdTwist with Oracle CX Unity to enhance its customer intelligence and loyalty program data. The focus on experiential marketing is only going to increase as customers expect 1:1 hyperpersonalized experiences, so it will be interesting to see how brands incorporate customer loyalty strategies and software moving forward. 

Rob Tarkoff Quote_CrowdTwist

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Oracle Buys CrowdTwist to Expand CX Capabilities Oracle recently announced its acquisition of CloudTwist to further expand its CX capabilities and customer experience portfolio.
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