A Comprehensive List of Free Software Resources

April 21, 2020

Where businesses, public organizations, and nonprofits are able, we are all trying our best to adapt to the new normal presented by the current global environment. Buying and using new software tools is a big part of shaping that adaptation—but not everyone can find the budget to do this.

There is some good news to share here: Many software businesses offer free versions of their software, or—in response to the unprecedented situation—have chosen to make some of their software freely available, or freely available to certain groups.

Some of the G2 analyst team have undertaken a search for these (long-standing or recent) offers to help our audience of B2B software buyers and users locate tools that may help them better serve their communities.

Learn more about each product offer in the full spreadsheet. We will continue to add to this list as we find new offers, and if you have suggestions please reach out to us at research@g2.com.

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A Comprehensive List of Free Software Resources Many software businesses offer free versions of their software, and many more businesses are now offering the same in response to COVID-19 health crisis. G2 Research has compiled a list of free product offers across multiple industries to help as you adjust your workflow in this unprecedented situation. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/adolfo-felix-vdMAcU1dHm0-unsplash.jpg
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