Kollective Partners With Touchcast to Enhance Video Communication

December 7, 2021

Kollective, a pioneer in providing enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) solutions, has announced its integration with Touchcast, a leading premium communication solutions provider. This integration comes when companies plan to conduct and scale virtual events due to the restrictions imposed on in-person events post the pandemic. 

Rise in popularity of video communication and virtual events 

As people continue to work remotely, virtual events keep global audiences connected. 

According to a report, the global webinars and virtual events market, valued at $1.57 billion in 2020, will nearly triple in size to reach $4.44 billion in 2025. Virtual events help reach a wider audience, reduce cost, and maximize ROI for organizations. While global organizations are looking at a hybrid workplace model, ensuring consistent communication with in-office and remote staff with high-quality video streams becomes imperative.            pie chart showing percentage breakup of types of events, according to a LinkedIn Survey

Source: LinkedIn

As per a survey conducted among 200 B2B event organizers in the UK and Ireland by LinkedIn, future events for businesses will be a mix of physical (32%), virtual (45%), and hybrid (23%) events. 

While numerous virtual events were held post pandemic, some of the most significant product launches, conferences, and annual corporate events adopted a hybrid approach in 2021. This demonstrates the significance of virtual events and the need for corporations to scale their virtual meetings and events with an effective eCDN solution. 

At G2, we observe a growing necessity for organizations to invest in suitable eCDN software. Live events and mass communications conducted without an eCDN run the risk of exerting too much pressure on corporate networks, which eventually affects video quality. 

Why has Kollective partnered with Touchcast?

Kollective’s association with Touchcast will empower organizations to distribute high-quality video content and conduct spectacular virtual events to a geographically diverse set of audiences. 

Kollective CEO Dan Vetras said:

“Touchcast has transformed virtual communications. Their high-quality, immersive virtual events pair perfectly with our eCDN. Together, our technologies will help engage global workforces as we continue to navigate hybrid work environments and look forward to returning to office.”

Organizations are increasingly adopting the practice of disseminating on-demand content for conducting town halls and all-hands meetings to strengthen their work culture. 71% of executives describe distributing a video without harming the corporate network as a top priority purchase decision in streaming technology. 

Organizations that distribute high bandwidth-consuming videos and conduct large-scale events without an eCDN solution face poor video quality and network congestion. Touchcast’s alliance with Kollective will help their customers easily scale their events, offsetting the additional load on the corporate network and warranting delivery of high-quality broadcasts irrespective of the viewers’ location. 

Growth in traffic to G2’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) Software category 

With eCDN software, businesses can distribute engaging video communication to enhance employee productivity with negligible impact on the corporate network. As the pandemic barred people from physically gathering for an event, usage of videos was on the rise, as people attended a host of virtual on-demand and live events. At G2, the Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) Software category has seen a spike in traffic.

growth in category traffic to eCDN category

The increase in traffic signals that businesses are embracing the need to adopt eCDN solutions for connecting with their employees and securing their network while shielding the corporate servers from additional load. As companies look to adopt a hybrid approach to work, in-person and virtual events will complement each other as virtual events are easily extendable into a hybrid event.

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Kollective Partners With Touchcast to Enhance Video Communication Kollective’s integration with Touchcast will help deliver stunning virtual events and stream high-quality videos promoting employee engagement and productivity. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/computer%20on%20table.jpg
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