Rollout of New Features in Oracle Human Capital Cloud

October 3, 2019

The employee experience took center stage at Oracle OpenWorld this year. As Hillel Cooperman, senior vice president of user experience design, revealed — the Oracle experience is designed with “the head and heart of our users” in mind.

What better way to capture employee’s hearts and minds than to provide workplace experiences that are as streamlined, connected, and engaging as the experiences they have in their own smart homes?

Engaging employee experiences

Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud is a comprehensive HR system that streamlines organizational processes across countries and cultures. Oracle recently announced new features and machine learning capabilities within Oracle HCM Cloud that help businesses improve the employee experience and attract top talent. These features strengthen workplace culture by providing streamlined experiences via enhanced communication, recruitment, and deepened connections for employees.

      • Conversational experiences let employees talk to Oracle Digital Assistant for actionable support 
      • LinkedIn Profile Import and Recruiter System Connect help employees and recruiters sync requisite information between systems
      • Oracle Connections link team members across their organization and provide features such as an employee directory, employee profiles, and feedback

According to Chris Leone, senior vice president of development, Oracle HCM Cloud, these features enable employees to “reflect their personal lives at work.” Let’s explore how features like conversational experiences with Oracle Digital Assistant helps employees improve their workplace experience.

What is a conversational experience?

Conversational experience solutions use AI technology, or conversational AI systems, to transform business experiences for customers and employees alike. Conversational AI systems allow users to interact with voice-driven technologies to obtain information and solve problems.


Great training or onboarding processes can be expensive. The average cost of replacing an employee is roughly 18% of that employee’s salary. Learn more about intelligent assistants and how they are a low-risk method for improving onboarding and training processes. 

Conversational AI in HR

Conversational HR provides actionable support for managers, HR personnel, and employees. Oracle Digital Assistant gives information, offers recommendations and suggests the next course of action for tasks such as onboarding, goal setting, performance evaluations, personal information updates, expense reporting and more. 

Oracle Digital Assistant utilizes AI to break down conversations to be analyzed by natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU) and custom machine learning (ML) algorithms. This process lets the Digital Assistant decipher natural conversation, understand intent, learn user behavior, and inform response. 

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AI-powered voice assistants are in demand

This easy-to-use no-code platform lets users converse with the digital assistant via a variety of interfaces including Slack, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Siri, and Alexa. It easily identifies the necessary information from a variety of Oracle Cloud Applications.

Personalized candidate experience

In order to enhance the employee experience, Oracle HCM Cloud first provides AI-based solutions that improve the recruitment process. Recent integrations between LinkedIn and Oracle allow users to import profiles, recommend matches and field referrals with relative ease. From personalized candidate experiences, to matching talent with opportunities they might not have considered but are qualified for, Oracle is improving the recruiting experience with natural language processes.

Building a stronger workplace culture

Oracle Connections improves team members’ connectivity from across the room to across the globe. An employee directory helps employees and workers get to know each other via employee profiles. These provide a space to share projects, portfolios, skills, feedback, and so on, helping team members get to know each other and build connections.

Improved workplace experiences

Candidates and employees are located around the world and Oracle’s latest round of updates reflect global needs, while building and sustaining connections. The focus is on the employee experience and business savoir faire.

Streamlining HR processes

    • Event-based processes automate and simplify event-based tasks, such as updating a marriage status or an employee taking a leave of absence
    • HCM experience design studio helps HR personnel streamline business processes and workflow structure, such as onboarding, offboarding, and information change
    • Intuitive self-service improves user experience for industry-specific workflows such as higher education, health care, and the public sectorAre employees as engaged as HR teams believe? Download Free Report →

Employee engagement as a strategic priority

More and more, companies are focusing on employee engagement as a strategic priority. When employees are seen and heard, their job commitment grows. When they feel appreciated and respected, their commitment and dedication to their coworkers and companies deepens. This increases employee retention, performance, and productivity. To learn more, check out G2’s state of employee engagement.

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Rollout of New Features in Oracle Human Capital Cloud Recent updates to Oracle Human Capital Cloud include enhanced focus on employee conversational experience and candidate journey.
Courtney Moran Courtney is a former G2 senior research analyst for HR technologies, whose coverage areas include recruiting, employee engagement, and talent management. Her comprehensive research on employee engagement and HR trends has been quoted in TechRepublic, among other publications.