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Learning in the Digital Age: A Guide to the LMS Spectrum

Organizations have used online learning platforms or e-learning content software for several years...

AI & Analytics Research

2024 Trends: Generative AI in Education

This post is part of G2's 2024 technology trends series. Read more about G2’s perspective on...

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How The Food Industry Is Responding To Innovative Technologies

During the warmer months, many restaurants and food venues begin to see an uptick of patrons...

Verticals & Services Research

SACE 2023: Shaping a New Digital Reality with DEI

I recently attended the fifth annual Sadie Collective conference.

Verticals & Services Research

The Radical Transformation of Hotel Management Software

Hotel management software is accommodating market demand by becoming an all-in-one hospitality...

Verticals & Services Research

Introducing G2’s Latest Real Estate Category: Title Production Software

Real estate software involves a diverse range of domains, such as commercial, residential,...

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2023 Trends in Online Learning Platforms

This post is part of G2's 2023 digital trends series. Read more about G2’s perspective on digital...

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Property Management Provider MRI Software Acquires PropTech Group

On October 31, 2022, MRI Software, a real estate solutions and software firm, announced that it...