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Artificial Intelligence

AI in Fintech: Use Cases and Impact

Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven useful to financial services institutions in multiple ways....


The Problematic Entry of Big Tech Into Financial Services

Techfin is still in its budding stages and has only recently started to shape its identity.

Financial Services

2019 Fintech Symposium: Six Things to Look For in 2020

The United States Fintech Symposium took place Sept. 16-17, 2019 in Chicago. It was full of great...

Research News Feed

Legal Tech Startup Clio Announces $250 Million Series D

Clio, a legal tech company based in Canada, raised a $250 million Series D funding round, led by...


Artificial Intelligence in Financial Research

Artificial intelligence (AI) has woven itself into the fabric of many types of software by...


Digital Banking Advances (Embedded Banking Experiences as the Next Frontier)

As digital transformation has swept through the financial services industry, banks have had to...


Fintech in Europe

Financial technology, aka fintech, recently experienced its first wave of growth and adoption in...


Voice Assistants in Financial Services

The financial services industry, specifically the field of collections, has started to use voice...


The G2 on Techfin: Big Tech's Foray Into Financial Services

In this series, I’ll look at how large technology companies are breaking into the financial...