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Patrick Szakiel

Patrick is the manager for the verticals and tech teams as well as G2's fintech and legaltech analyst. As a G2 analyst, Patrick focuses primarily on the fintech and legaltech spaces in addition to a slate of other vertical categories. Fintech's explosion in popularity has created a compelling challenge to accurately represent the spaces on G2 and produce high-quality, relevant content for external consumption. Patrick leverages his relationships with vendors, the unique data that G2 has accrued via more than 1 million user-generated reviews, market surveys, and product data to produce insightful reports and thought leadership content within his two focus spaces.

Research News Feed

Google Expands Partnership to Launch Banking Services

Google recently announced that it is partnering with six more banks to offer digital banking...

Verticals & Services Research

Fintech and Blockchain: Use Cases and Value

Blockchain and fintech are inextricably linked. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) has been...

Verticals & Services Research

Square Banking License Approval Signals Change in the Fintech Landscape

Square, a subsidiary of Twitter (and fintech giant), has gotten approval from the Federal...

Verticals & Services Research

Shift to Remote World Accelerates Fintech Adoption Rates

Late last year, I laid out the top seven fintech trends for 2020. Typically, trends reveal...

Verticals & Services Research

The Importance of Fintech in a Remote World

During economic shifts both good and bad, the financial services world has to adjust, leaning on...


How Governments Drive Financial Services Innovation with Fintech Sandboxes

Governments tout the use of fintech sandboxes as an excellent method of fostering innovative ...

Research News Feed

Visa Acquires Plaid for $5.3B

On Jan. 13, Visa entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Plaid, the preeminent provider...

2020 Research Trends

7 Emerging Trends Shaping Fintech in 2020

This post is one part of G2's 2020 digital trends series. Read more about G2’s approach to...


The State of Techfin in Europe and Asia

Big tech companies are expanding their financial services offerings across the globe, but the...

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