Best Backup Solution Suites Software Based on ROI and User Adoption

November 21, 2023

In a digital landscape where data is paramount, backup solution suites are crucial for safeguarding an organization's vital information.

Through backup, restoration, and high-availability solutions, they provide a robust defense against data loss, ensuring operational continuity amidst technical glitches and cyber threats.

Weighing the benefits: backup solution suites versus point solutions

Backup solution suites ensure an organization's data remains accessible and intact, even amidst unforeseen data calamities. 

Unlike point solutions, a comprehensive solution suite's functionalities range from regular data backup and smooth restoration to providing high-availability solutions that guarantee continuous data access. 

Centralizing the management of backup operations significantly eases the data recovery process, making it a vital asset for modern businesses.

How do backup solution suites benefit modern businesses compared to backup software point solutions? 

  • Comprehensive backup solutions all in one platform
  • Ease of management in a single dashboard
  • Centralized compliance assurance across all environments

However, since businesses are buying a packaged software solution, the cost of backup solutions suites will be higher than point solution software. IT managers need to make sure that the return from buying such expensive software will be adequate. 

This article will dive into the top return on investment (ROI) software suites.

Top performers: fast-tracking ROI in backup solution suites

ROI is a crucial metric that helps businesses evaluate the financial returns against the costs of acquiring a particular backup solution suite. 

It's imperative in this category since a good ROI signifies not only effective data protection but also cost-efficiency in operations. This is because the average ROI period for this category of software is incredibly high—15 months.

When making purchase decisions, businesses should consider ROI to ensure that the backup solution suite will provide substantial value and adequate data safeguarding, all while aligning with their budgetary constraints. 

Out of 16 Backup Solution Suites software listed on G2, here are the top 5 products with the quickest ROI period according to G2’s Grid® Report for Backup Solution Suites for Fall 2023.

With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, software buyers can get their money's worth in eight months. 

MSP360 Managed Backup, Acronis Backup Enterprise, Iperius Backup, and Cove Data Protection also have a short ROI period compared to the average ROI period, which is 15 months.

Navigating user adoption: a path to optimized license utilization

User adoption is another vital metric as it reflects the ease with which employees can adapt to and efficiently utilize the new software, thereby directly impacting productivity and ROI. 

However, many companies overlook this metric, often swayed by feature-rich offerings or budget constraints, failing to realize that a lack of user adoption can lead to under-utilization and, in turn, a lower ROI. 

Hence, considering user adoption when purchasing software ensures that the chosen backup solution suite will be well-received, effectively used, and ultimately fulfill its intended role in safeguarding the organization's data.

With that in mind, here are the top five products with the highest user adoption rating according to G2’s Grid® Report for Backup Solution Suites for Fall 2023

With Cohesity Backup and Recovery, software buyers can estimate that 91% of their license quantities are properly allocated. 

Clumio, Unitrends Enterprise Backup & Continuity Products, Bacula Enterprise, and NAKIVO Backup & Replication also have higher user adoption percentages than the average of 73%. Per G2 reviewers, these products help attain maximum utilization without overpaying for licenses.

Beyond ROI and adoption: holistic evaluation for long-term resilience

When venturing into acquiring backup solution suites, companies should also consider metrics such as scalability, security features, and vendor support. 

Scalability ensures that the software can adapt to growing data needs, while robust security features are paramount for data protection. Moreover, reliable vendor support is crucial for troubleshooting and optimizing software performance. These metrics collectively contribute to the long-term viability and effectiveness of the backup solution, thereby fostering a resilient data management infrastructure.

Learn more about the importance of backup and its role in protecting sensitive data.

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Best Backup Solution Suites Software Based on ROI and User Adoption Learn about backup solution suites, point solutions, and the top performers to make informed decisions while aligning with budgetary constraints.
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