SaaS Backup for Office 365: Ensuring Business Stability and ROI

July 4, 2024

While SaaS offers undeniable convenience and scalability, security remains a significant concern.

In the age of SaaS, businesses rely heavily on SaaS backup software to protect their critical data and operations. 

Over 60% of Fortune 500 companies use Office 365 solutions, and 3 million plus businesses are paid subscribers. Organizations need backup solutions to protect their office files from accidents and hacks. SaaS backup allows IT admins to recover their Office 365 quickly from unexpected disruptions. 

Understanding the return on investment (ROI) of SaaS backup for Microsoft Office 365 is essential, particularly in an era of tight IT budgets.

SaaS backup as a reinforcement to your daily business operations

SaaS backup software saves copies of important data from online tools like email and office suites. This helps protect businesses from losing data due to mistakes, hackers, or technical problems. 

Imagine your business as a skyscraper, each floor representing a layer of your operations. Your Office Excel data, Team meeting notes, Word documents, and Sharepoint files are structural components that ensure your daily business operations. Just as a skyscraper must withstand earthquakes, your business needs resilience against data loss. 

SaaS backup for Microsoft Office 365 serves as a structural reinforcement, providing a safety net to protect your data and ensuring seamless operations when unexpected events occur. 

Pick a SaaS backup solution worth your investment

Now, constructing that skyscraper would require significant investment in terms of materials and expertise. Similarly, implementing and maintaining SaaS backup is surprisingly expensive, often costing tens of thousands of dollars. Few others might even take 2-3 years to recover their investment money. 

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of SaaS solutions:

  • Specialized knowledge and customization: While Microsoft integration is easier than general-use cloud backup software, the setup still requires specialized knowledge and customization. 
  • Robust infrastructure and scalability: They allow the software to handle large volumes of data and provide real-time protection. 
  • Advanced features: Features such as incremental backup may cost more initially but save money in the long run. Many solutions now provide incremental backup to save time and money for each additional file change instead of backing up the whole file folder or system. 

Given the variety of cost and license options available for these backup solutions, understanding their ROI period is a better evaluation than solely comparing prices. You want a foundation that properly supports your infrastructure, not just the cheapest option. 

Another important metric is the user adoption rate. In the context of building a skyscraper, high user adoption of SaaS backup solutions is similar to the active participation of tenants who follow safety protocols and upkeep. The effectiveness of backup solutions relies on employee adoption to ensure maximum value and ROI. 

Choose backup solutions with shorter ROI periods and higher user adoption rates

Just as some building materials and designs offer quicker returns and greater stability, certain SaaS backup solutions provide faster ROI and higher adoption rates. You can check out G2 data from G2 Grid Report to explore top-performing SaaS backup solutions.

Out of 42 SaaS backup tools reviewed on G2, here are the top products with the quickest ROI periods and highest user adoption rates (each surpassing the category average user adoption rate of 72% and ROI periods of 15 months):

Invest beyond software: training and integration

On top of software purchase, it’s crucial to factor in the investment required for training and integration. Just as skilled architects and engineers are essential for constructing and maintaining a skyscraper, effective training and hiring for backup software are critical behind the scenes. After all, businesses should conduct comprehensive evaluations to understand the total cost of SaaS backup solutions. 

A resilient business infrastructure is the result of preparation and selection from the beginning, allowing your business to continue to thrive in adversity.

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Edited by Monishka Agrawal

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SaaS Backup for Office 365: Ensuring Business Stability and ROI Learn how SaaS backup for Microsoft Office 365 protects critical business data, ensures seamless operations, and offers quick ROI with high user adoption rates.
Tian Lin Tian is a research analyst at G2 for Cloud Infrastructure and IT Management software. He comes from a traditional market research background from other tech companies. Combining industry knowledge and G2 data, Tian guides customers through volatile technology markets based on their needs and goals.