Introducing G2’s Brand New Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Platforms Category

February 13, 2024

G2 recently launched its new Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Platforms category, which falls under the System Security Software parent category.

The category aims to represent products that help organizations safeguard their digital assets from external threats beyond the confines of their security perimeter.

What is a digital risk protection platform?

A digital risk protection platform is a cybersecurity solution that identifies, monitors, mitigates, and manages online threats to an organization's digital assets. 

The software safeguards against data breaches, brand impersonation, insider threats, intellectual property thefts, and other cyber risks by continuously monitoring online channels, including social media, web domains, and the dark web, to proactively identify and address potential threats.

Navigating the cyber threat landscape with efficiency

Digital risk protection solutions combine features from several other software, offering a comprehensive approach to identifying, managing, and mitigating digital risks. These features may include elements from:

Other features of digital risk protection software may include:

  • Account takeover protection: Safeguards user accounts from unauthorized access and potential misuse.
  • Suspicious email analysis: Examines different elements of an email and determines its legitimacy and associated potential threats.
  • Customizable dashboards: Offers dashboards that can be customized based on the key performance indicators of an organization.
  • Risk assessment reports: Generates reports that assess the overall digital risk posture of an organization. Reports may include an analysis of the identified threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Digital footprint mapping: Creates a digital footprint of an organization's ecosystem to identify exposed digital assets.
  • Data leak detection: Detects sensitive data published on the dark web and other paste sites.

Security software is evolving, consolidating

Cybersecurity solutions are dynamically evolving, undergoing consolidation to meet the increasingly complex challenges of the digital landscape. Digital risk protection software is a notable example of the same as it consolidates the features of several other security software.

This is very much in alignment with G2’s 2024 data security trends in which we predicted that in 2024, data from different security solutions will be consolidated into a single AI-driven platform, helping users benefit from a unified approach to threat detection and prevention.

To accommodate such innovations, the Security and Privacy categories of G2 will be undergoing significant changes in the coming months, making the best place to go for security software.

Keep data safe and sound! Discover what data protection entails and how to ensure the security of user data in your digital environment.

Edited by Sinchana Mistry

Digital risk protection (DRP) platforms Protect, detect, secure.

Safeguard your digital assets with the proactive threat prevention, swift vulnerability detection, and robust security measures offered by DRP platforms.

Introducing G2’s Brand New Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Platforms Category Explore G2's latest Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Platforms category that goes beyond traditional security perimeters to safeguard organizations from cyber threats.
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