Introducing G2’s Brand New Smart Contract Audit Services Category

July 24, 2023

G2 recently launched its new Smart Contract Audit Services Providers category, which falls under the Security and Privacy Services Providers parent category. 

The category aims to represent service providers that help businesses reinforce the security and reliability of their smart contracts.

Smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement written as lines of code, may have vulnerabilities or flaws in the contract’s code.

If left unattended, these potential vulnerabilities can attract malicious actors, who will exploit them, leading to unfavorable consequences for all parties involved.

Smart contract audit services providers identify and mitigate such vulnerabilities and ensure the contract functions as intended. They also ensure the contract adheres to industry standards and security best practices.

Reinforcing the security of smart contracts

Smart contract auditing service is crucial to reduce the chances of blockchain-based systems and decentralized applications (dApps) being exploited, therefore reducing the risks of data breaches and financial losses.

This form of cybersecurity service helps smart contract developers identify and mitigate security risks before deploying the contracts. This helps amplify trust, reliability, and the overall security of the blockchain ecosystem.

The traffic to the Smart Contracts Software category of G2 is steadily increasing, hinting at the increased adoption of smart contracts technology. Security, disintermediation, and transparency are some of the key factors for more businesses relying on smart contracts to automate the execution of contractual agreements.


This increase in category traffic and the overall interest in smart contracts led us to create the Smart Contract Auditing Services Providers category, which aims to enhance the reliability of this technology.

Smart Contract Audit Services ➜

What are the types of services smart contract auditors offer?

Security experts or auditors review the code to identify vulnerabilities, coding errors, or logical flaws that could compromise the smart contract's functionality, security, and integrity.

Smart contract auditors assess different aspects of the contract, including:

  • Input validation
  • Contract design
  • Exception handling
  • Business logic
  • External dependencies
  • Access control mechanisms

Typically, the auditing process involves manual or automated code review and rigorous testing. Auditors will review the code, line by line, and look for potential exploits and coding errors. They will follow security best practices and may also assess the contract for legal and regulatory compliance.

Some smart contract auditors may also analyze the code and suggest ways to optimize gas consumption, which is crucial to improve the smart contract’s cost efficiency.

Gas refers to the unit that measures the computational effort needed to execute a specific operation on blockchain networks. This process of reducing gas consumption is called gas optimization.

smart contract audit processes involved

Once the security services provider performs the audit, they deliver a detailed report highlighting the findings, including identified issues and recommendations to enhance the contract’s security and quality.

What’s in store for smart contract auditing?

With generative AI making its way into QA and security testing, smart contract audit services providers will soon incorporate it into their testing strategies. Undoubtedly, this will increase the speed with which the auditing services are performed.

Buyers can soon expect to see smart contract auditing tools similar to penetration testing software that will allow them to run security audits, analyze results, and mitigate risks.

Interested in learning more about smart contracts? Discover how smart contracts are changing the way we do business.

Edited by Jigmee Bhutia

smart contract audit services
Improve the security of your transactions

Identify security risks in smart contracts and prevent financial losses with the help of audit services.

Introducing G2’s Brand New Smart Contract Audit Services Category G2’s smart contract audit services category will represent providers offering auditing services to strengthen the security and quality of smart contracts.
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