Disaster Recovery Software: ROI, User Adoption, and Top Solutions

September 14, 2023

In the unpredictable landscape of technology, businesses rely heavily on disaster recovery software to ensure the safety of their critical data and operations.

This software acts as a last stand in times of crisis, helping organizations recover swiftly from unexpected disasters. 

Understanding the return on investment (ROI) of disaster recovery software is crucial, especially in an era of lean IT budgets, where ensuring business continuity is paramount.

Safeguarding your digital garden

Imagine your business as a lush and intricate botanical garden nestled amidst the bustling heart of a city. This garden is teeming with a diverse array of plant species, each life intertwining in a delicate dance of growth and sustenance. 

In your digital garden, the various elements—your data centers, cloud services, and applications—are akin to the diverse plant species that thrive under your watchful eye.

But, just as unforeseen weather changes or invasive pests can threaten the health of your botanical haven, the digital realm comes with its own risks and uncertainties.

This is where disaster recovery software steps in as your vigilant guardian.

Much like an experienced gardener who anticipates and counters any threats to the garden, disaster recovery software monitors and prepares for potential disasters in the digital landscape.

Acting as a safety net, it shields your critical data and operations from unexpected calamities, ensuring your business continues to flourish even in the face of adversity.

Disaster recovery software ROI

Just as the upkeep of your botanical garden demands resources, so does the deployment and maintenance of disaster recovery software. It's essential to recognize that the initial investment in disaster recovery software is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your business's resilience in times of crisis.

Various factors contribute to the overall cost. The setup often involves integrating complex systems and applications, necessitating specialized expertise and customization.

Robust infrastructure and scalability are also imperative, as disaster recovery software must efficiently handle large volumes of data and provide real-time protection.

Understanding the ROI period of disaster recovery software is akin to gauging how quickly your digital garden's caretakers pay off. Just as you'd want your investment in your garden's upkeep to yield returns, it's crucial to assess the profitability and effectiveness of your disaster recovery solution.

G2’s Grid® Report for Disaster Recovery | Summer 2023 can provide insight into which disaster recovery software has the best ROI based on reviews on G2.

Tools with the shortest ROI periods

If you're seeking a disaster recovery solution with a short ROI period, consider examining ROI period data from G2. Just as some plants in your garden may mature and bloom more quickly, certain disaster recovery software solutions offer quicker ROI than others.

Out of 18 disaster recovery tools with qualifying reviews on G2, here are the top five products with the quickest ROI period.

With ShadowProtect SPX, software buyers can get their money’s worth in four months. Cove Data Protection, Cohesity Helios, and Asigra Tigris Backup also have a shorter ROI period than the average of 17 months.

Disaster recovery software user adoption rate

In the nurturing environment of your digital garden, user adoption of disaster recovery software is akin to the participation of garden enthusiasts. Just as a thriving garden relies on those who embrace and care for it, the effectiveness of disaster recovery software hinges on its acceptance and effective utilization within your organization.

Selecting a solution with high user adoption rates ensures your investment is worthwhile. Employees who embrace disaster recovery software maximize its value, enhance productivity, and ensure a positive ROI.

With Backblaze Business Backup, software buyers can ensure that around 89% of their license quantities are properly allocated. ShadowProtect SPX, Cohesity Helios, Unitrends Backup and Recovery, and IDrive Online Backup also have higher user adoption rates than the average of 70%.

Your digital garden matters

Consider not only the cost of the software itself but also the investment required for training and integration. Just as a well-trained gardener is essential for the prosperity of your botanical sanctuary, an effective training policy is crucial for successfully implementing and utilizing disaster recovery software. 

Businesses should also conduct comprehensive calculations, considering all the factors mentioned above, to gain a holistic understanding of the total cost of disaster recovery software.

Just as a flourishing garden is a testament to meticulous care and attention, a well-prepared and resilient business landscape is the result of prudent choices in nurturing your digital garden.

Learn more about DRaaS and how it can fulfill your disaster recovery needs.

Edited by Jigmee Bhutia

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Disaster Recovery Software: ROI, User Adoption, and Top Solutions Disaster recovery software serves as the vigilant guardian of your digital garden. Learn about its ROI, user adoption, and essential considerations. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/G2CR_B097_Disaster_Recovery_V1b.png
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