Google’s Firefly Can Now Target Ads Based on Weather

November 1, 2019

Firefly, a startup that delivers full-screen media and measurement on rideshare vehicles and taxis, recently announced a partnership with AccuWeather, a weather data analytics company. AccuWeather can now integrate forecasts directly into Firefly’s platform, allowing for tailored ads that can change in real time based on current weather conditions. 

This partnership aligns with other trends that are transforming the adtech space, including the continued importance of increasingly granular ad personalization. Consumers desire more hyperpersonalized experiences with brands, which fosters the perception of a 1:1 relationship. Brands use digital personalization engines to analyze customer data with the intention of curating and tailoring customer experiences, including automated marketing efforts, product recommendations, etc. 


In May of this year, Firefly raised $30 million Series A for vehicle-mounted advertising. Adding digital ads on top of rideshare vehicles doesn’t just benefit advertisers, but it has also been reported that rideshare drivers (i.e., drivers from Uber and Lyft) have been able to make supplemental income by displaying ads while they drive. Advertising on vehicles isn’t a new phenomenon; we’re all used to the static displays on top of taxis. The type of digital out-of-home advertising that Firefly provides though can be hyper-targeted based on zip code, specific location (i.e., venue), and can also include dynamic messaging based on the previously mentioned weather or recent headlines or sports scores.

firefly adtech platform
Image courtesy of Firefly

Not only has Firefly launched new capabilities, but AccuWeather has also recently entered the adtech space with its debut of AccuWeatherIQ that enables advertisers to utilize weather forecasts for targeted advertising. While personalized, targeted advertising is important to brands and advertisers, so is the ability to measure the performance of these ads. There are over 150 digital analytics vendors on G2 that tracks digital campaigns and metrics like website visitors and traffic. 

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Firefly can provide metrics around their digital, out-of-home ads, such as hours of exposure, estimated impressions, and visual heatmaps of fleet coverage. The company also announced that their fleets will be entering two new cities, Chicago and Dallas (already in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco), so if you’re in those cities, keep a lookout for rideshare vehicles and taxis with dynamic, digital ads!

Google’s Firefly Can Now Target Ads Based on Weather Recent out-of-home advertising news highlights how startup Firefly can now target ads based on weather forecasts.
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