A Deep Dive into G2's Active Metadata Management Category

December 18, 2023

Organizations have grown richer with data over the years, but the challenge of managing this enormous amount of data has grown along with it. 

Today, data governance is crucial for any organization, and metadata is essential for identifying and prioritizing data that requires governance.

Metadata refers to information that describes and provides context for other data. It plays a crucial role in data management and helps ensure data is understood, properly utilized, and effectively governed.

Metadata is crucial for every step of data management

With the advent of AI and ML, metadata is no longer static. Active metadata has helped organizations in data management better by eliminating human intervention. Active metadata tracks and manages data throughout its lifecycle. 

Metadata management is an integral part of data governance and essential for maintaining long term records of data. It involves systematically organizing, controlling, and administrating metadata throughout its lifecycle. 

Active metadata management tools by features

Data management and reporting are important features when it comes to metadata management. The products in the Active Metadata Management category on G2 have both of these as broad features along with more specific ones under their umbrella.

Data discovery

Data discovery in an active metadata management platform is vital for locating, understanding, and leveraging data assets effectively. It enables users to identify datasets, understand their context, ensure data quality, and support informed decision-making. 

This fosters a data-driven culture and enhances the overall efficiency of data management processes. 

The data from G2 Grid® Report | Fall 2023 shows the top four products based on data discovery as a feature. CastorDoc ranks the highest with a 95% satisfaction score, more than the average of 89%.

Metadata management and automation features

The data for features on metadata management and automation compares products for both these features. CastorDoc ranks first in satisfaction scores with 94%, followed by Atlan with 93%. 

For automation features, we can see Atlan leads the list with 88%, followed by CastorDoc with 85%, with an average score of 81%.


The reporting feature in an active metadata management platform is essential for providing actionable and intelligent insights. Actionable insights help users to make informed decisions and take specific actions based on metadata analytics. 

Intelligent insights go a step further, leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning to uncover patterns, anomalies, and trends, guiding strategic decisions and optimizing data management processes. 

Both types of insights empower organizations to enhance efficiency, compliance, and overall data governance.

Atlan, CastarDoc, and Octopai lead the category in intelligent insights features tied with a 90% satisfaction score. When it comes to actionable insights, Octopai is the top player, with 88%. 

The active metadata management space is growing

As organizations grapple with increasing data complexity, compliance requirements, and the need for actionable insights, the adoption of active metadata management solutions is on the rise. 

The momentum behind active metadata management signals a paradigm shift towards a more efficient, collaborative, and strategically aligned approach to data management.

Learn more about the impact of active metadata management.

Edited by Jigmee Bhutia

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