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G2 Announces a New Category for Digital Communications Governance

Digital communications have helped organizations and individuals alike.

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A Deep Dive into G2's Active Metadata Management Category

Organizations have grown richer with data over the years, but the challenge of managing this...

Technology Research

Decoding ETL Tools Based on User Adoption Rate and ROI

Extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools have significantly changed in recent years. It was a...

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Beyond Cataloging: The Impact of Active Metadata Management

Data management is complex and vast. Every piece of data comes with its metadata, which is...

AI & Analytics Research

2024 Trends: Embracing Consolidation and Automation in Data Fabric

This post is part ofG2's 2024 technology trendsseries. Read more about G2’s perspective on...

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G2 Introduces New Real-time Analytic Databases Category

With organizations getting data rich each day, the conversation around real-time databases is...

Cloud, Dev & IT

Hybrid Cloud: Bridging the Gap Between On-Premises and Cloud Solutions

Cloud has transformed how companies work by providing easy access to powerful computing resources...

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Introducing G2’s New Vector Database Category

With the major driving factor behind machine learning being vector databases, it is the latest...

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Introducing G2’s New Data as a Service (DaaS) Category

With organizations producing quintillion bytes of data daily, it is no wonder they are constantly...