Introducing G2's New Voice Dubbing Category

June 11, 2024

Dubbing is an essential part of the entertainment industry.

Content creators are constantly on the lookout for suitable solutions to enhance their production.

Dubbing was initially done manually and only for the most popular content because it was prohibitively time-intensive and costly. Translators would take the original transcript and translate it into another language, and then voice actors would read off the lines.

AI voice dubbing has emerged as a pathbreaking technology to help content creators streamline their workflows. Voice dubbing software imports source material, translates the script and casts voice actors. 

Finally, quality control is completed, and the final dubbed version is exported for distribution. This requires minimal or zero human interaction and thus helps production companies save considerable time and effort.

Keeping this in mind, G2 recently introduced a new Voice Dubbing Software category.

Difference between text-to-speech and voice dubbing software

To begin with, text-to-speech software and voice dubbing software serve different purposes.

Both tools are often misinterpreted as audio-generating software. Although this is true to some extent, text-to-speech and voice dubbing differ in many ways. Text-to-speech software converts written text into audio, and it is usually used in navigation systems and reading applications. 

Voice dubbing software, on the other hand, replaces original dialogues with synchronized, translated audio. One of the main differences is that text-to-speech generates synthetic audio, whereas dubbing software enables users to re-record and translate the dialogue.

Voice cloning and language options are among the most important features of text-to-speech software

The chart below shows the players in text to speech space ranked based on voice cloning and language features. Voice cloning is one of the important features of text to speech software. 

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech is the leader in voice cloning features, with a 93% satisfaction rating. This means more buyers prefer text-to-speech software with voice cloning features. 

Similarly, Synthesys AI Studio’s language feature has a satisfaction rating of 91%. Multiple language support is another important feature for both text-to-speech and voice dubbing software.

Voice dubbing software enhances content quality

With globalization and market expansion, companies are reaching international audiences. Voice dubbing software helps in better market penetration for the companies by localizing the content effectively. 

Also, the content consumption trend has drastically changed in the past few years. The rise of content streaming platforms has fostered the need for better-dubbed content.

Now that viewers indulge in a lot of binge watching, they prefer dubbed content over reading subtitles. Automated lip-syncing and script adaptation tools allow voice dubbing software to quickly translate content from one language to another. 

The future of voice dubbing

With more and more dubbing tools integrating AI and machine learning for automated lip-syncing and voice modulation, the future of voice dubbing software looks very promising. 

Real-time dubbing features will help content creators expand their reach by dubbing and localizing the content during live streams. Dubbing software will continue to evolve with growing technology and will become more immersive for the diverse audience.

Learn more about what generative AI is and unlock the future of synthetic media.

Edited by Jigmee Bhutia

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