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Robert Mahowald

Robert leads the applications research analyst team at G2, including work in areas such as CRM, supply chain, research management, marketing, HRM, content management, and commerce solutions. Robert has spent the past 20 years in similar roles, first at IDC for 17 years, then at 451 Research, advising executives at vendor clients including Dell, EMC, Accenture, Cisco, Oracle, SAP, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM. He has also provided ongoing, strategic guidance to C-suite executives at clients as diverse as Fidelity, Campbell’s Soup, MetLife, and SAIC. Prior to this work Robert worked for the United States Defense Department, responsible for specifications and capabilities design for hardware and software elements of multiple blended/synthetic warfighting systems, the forerunner to today's internet of things compute and messaging fabrics. Robert received a B.A. from University of Iowa and an M.A. from Wesleyan University.

Application Research

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Cloud, Dev & IT

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