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Application Research

Signs That Remote Recruiting Is Here to Stay

For most jobs, there had always been an in-person component to the hiring process. It might have...

Application Research

How Cloud ERP Helps Address Manufacturing Challenges

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems were created for manufacturing companies decades ago,...

Application Research

Tools to Enhance Your Remote Working Experience

Without a doubt, 2020 was daunting for most people. The coronavirus pandemic has completely...

Application Research

The Future of Virtual and Hybrid Events in a Post-Pandemic Landscape

In the past year, the virtual event software industry has undergone a massive transformation....

Application Research

G2’s CDP Category Grows as Importance for Data Transparency Increases

I’ve heard the term "personalization" so often over the last few years—usually in the context of...

Application Research

Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs): Buzzword To Buzzworthy

Have you ever started purchasing a flight for a weekend trip on your laptop but get interrupted,...

Application Research

Three Key Takeaways From Spring HR Tech 2021

It’s time for action.

Application Research

The Growing Popularity of Blockchain Technology

In December 2020, I wrote an article discussing the growing popularity of blockchain software...

Application Research

Why You Need an E-Commerce Strategy and How to Create One

If you sell online, you surely use an e-commerce platform  or shopping cart software  to...

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