Trust in AI: The New Motto for App Development?

November 21, 2023

2023 will forever be remembered for the rise of generative AI, and software development is no exception.

While AI already has several use cases for development, how far away is a future where AI creates applications autonomously?

AI is the future of application development

At this point, there is no denying it. 

Application development is going in a new direction, and that direction includes artificial intelligence. Whether it be peer code review, AI coding assistants, or developers incorporating AI into their workflows, AI has become the hottest topic in the development space.

True no-code application development

As AI continues to lead in several development processes, it begs an important question. Is the day coming when AI can develop applications without developers or any coding at all? 

If so, how far away are we from that day?

As it turns out, that day could be closer than anyone thought possible. Vendors in the development space are actively trying to make this a possibility. One example is Sutro, whose goal is to create an AI-based application development platform where no coding will be required.

Sutro explains this is not just a typical no-code development platform, noting that: 

“In a no-code platform, you usually come in and you drag and drop something, and it’s still very low level. It’s still a lot of work to get anything working. We are much more like your entire development or your entire product team rather than another no-code tool.”

While this may be technically possible, there is also the question of trust. 

Will users truly trust AI to develop an application on its own properly? Based on G2 data, there may be an answer to that question, and it might surprise some people. 

Buyers trust AI

G2’s State of Software Report and 2023 Software Buyer Behavior Report, highlight interesting trends in how buyers view AI. As it turns out, users trust AI quite highly. 

An infographic showing the percentage of buyers who trust AI.

In this chart, we can clearly see that users trust and even look forward to AI being incorporated into their applications. 81% of buyers say it is important that the software they purchase has AI. 

78% of buyers trust the accuracy and reliability of AI-based solutions. Based on this data, it’s not a stretch to say buyers could learn to trust applications primarily built by artificial intelligence. 

A chart showing the fastest growing software markets.

Not only do buyers trust AI-based applications, but vendors are working hard to create them. There’s been a 39% year-over-year increase in AI-based products in G2, the fastest-growing market category by far. 

AI will continue to shape application development

Based on a combination of G2 data, market updates, and larger technological trends, it is clear that AI is here to stay in application development. 

Companies are eager to build AI applications, seeing the potential in the market for these products. Buyers are eager to experiment with these products, as the data above shows they are actively seeking AI integration into their applications. AI is one of the top conversations G2 is having across industries and departments, so keep an eye out for more articles on the game-changing technology in the future. 

AI is not just changing development platforms but peer code review as well. Learn more.

Edited by Sinchana Mistry

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Trust in AI: The New Motto for App Development? As AI continues to influence application development, could it replace developers altogether?
Michael Pigott Michael is a Market Research Analyst at G2 with a focus on technology research. Prior to G2, Michael worked at a B2B marketing services organization, where he assisted tech vendors with market assessments and competitive positioning. In his free time, Michael enjoys traveling, watching sports, and playing live shows as a drummer.