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Dominick Duda

Dominick is G2's research analyst specializing in nonprofit software, with oversight of other vertical technologies. Prior to joining G2, he spent years in the nonprofit sector as an individual fundraiser and grant writer, leveraging millions of public and private dollars for a history museum, a food bank, a clinical and youth services agency, academia, and LGBTQ+ advocacy groups. He brings a unique user perspective to his insight surrounding nonprofit technologies, having used multiple software throughout his career to optimize constituent management and fundraising tasks. He is deeply invested in understanding how nonprofits can make better use of the technology available to them. Dominick's coverage areas include: nonprofit, public safety, public sector, and fitness.

2021 Research Trends

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2020 Research Trends

2020 Trends in Nonprofit Tech

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How Crowdfunding Changed the Fundraising Landscape

Here’s a fun fact: Modern crowdfunding was pioneered by a British progressive-rock band.


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Research News Feed

Digital Fitness Tech Startup WHOOP Secures $55 Million Funding

WHOOP, a Boston-based digital fitness startup, announced on Nov. 12, 2019, that it had raised...


Google's Pending Acquisition of Fitbit and Healthtech Ambitions

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Why Data Analytics Matter for Nonprofits

Have you ever come face-to-face with a bear while wandering in the remote wilderness? I haven’t,...

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