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Introducing G2's New Employee Experience Category

From navigating a massive tech stack to feeling underappreciated and overworked, such feelings can...

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How PLMS Solves the Challenge of Linking Performance and eLearning Software

Is there a need for a paradigm shift toward the separation of performance and learning in HR?

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Bridging the Skills Gap: The Hire Train Deploy Model

Picture this. It’s 8 a.m., and disaster has already struck. You’re a hiring manager or a recruiter....

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2024 Trends: Empowering Employee Engagement and Experience

This post is part ofG2's 2024 technology trendsseries. Read more about G2’s perspective on...

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Team Building Software Leads the Way on Employee Experience

Loneliness. Isolation. A sinking sense that you’re alone in the workplace.

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G2’s Global Hiring Gets a Revamp with Two New Categories

Imagine the perfect candidate. They’re smart, learn fast, and can grow within your organization. ...

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Corporate Wellness Takeaways from SHRM Mental Health Virtual Retreat

*Trigger warning: depression, anxiety.*


How to Navigate Ethics for Generative AI in the HR World

Depending on who you ask, AI is our salvation, the apocalypse, a novelty, an industry-changer, or a...

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2023 Trends in HR Software: New Year, New Recruiting Software Toolkit

This post is part of G2's 2023 digital trends series. Read more about G2’s perspective on digital...