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Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller is passionate about emerging technology and its impact on society and businesses. He most recently worked as an AI research analyst at CognitionX, a London-based AI-powered knowledge network and host of one of Europe's largest AI conferences. He also cofounded a pro bono voice technology group, VAICE, which has helped companies discover the best ways to incorporate voice tech in their business and their business models. At G2, Matthew focuses on the AI and analytics categories and looks forward to learning more. Get in touch at

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Analytics is in Fashion: Mode Analytics Raises $33 Million

This week, we saw Mode Analytics, a Leader in the Analytics Platforms category on G2, raise a...

Technology Research

Tech Companies Bridging the Gap Between AI and Automation

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are important, interrelated tools that help...

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Stream Analytics Startup Confluent Raises $250 Million

Data is like music, made up of different components, with the spaces, gaps, and rhythm critical...

Technology Research

How COVID-19 Is Impacting Data Professionals

Remote work isn't the future. It's a current reality, with nearly 75% of U.S. workers working...

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British AI Startup Graphcore Raises $150 Million

Graphcore, a UK-based startup that designs processors specifically for artificial intelligence...

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Apple Makes Push to Live Life on the Edge of AI

As Kara Kennedy, market director at G2, noted over two years ago:  

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New Open-Source AI Tools Released by Uber and Lyft

As we’ve mentioned previously (see: Databricks), whether you are looking to build or buy AI,...

Technology Research

How AWS is Reinventing the Journey to AI

AWS’ flagship conference re:Invent did not fail to impress us here at G2, not to mention the...

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DataRobot Acquires Paxata to Expand Its End-to-End AI Offering

As we’ve discussed previously (see The Data Toolbox: The Expanding Domain of AI & Analytics),...

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