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New Open-Source AI Tools Released by Uber and Lyft

As we’ve mentioned previously (see: Databricks), whether you are looking to build or buy AI,...

Technology Research

How AWS is Reinventing the Journey to AI

AWS’ flagship conference re:Invent did not fail to impress us here at G2, not to mention the...

Research News Feed

DataRobot Acquires Paxata to Expand Its End-to-End AI Offering

As we’ve discussed previously (see The Data Toolbox: The Expanding Domain of AI & Analytics),...

2020 Technology Trends

2020 Trends in AI and Analytics

This post is one part of G2's 2020 digital trends series. Read more about G2’s approach to...

Technology Research

Interfacing With Interfaces: Giving Technology a Voice

Voice technology: The voice heard ‘round the world. We’ve all heard of Amazon’s Alexa and Google...

Technology Research

Google Improves Search Results by Leveraging AI

Data is everywhere, and if we want to be able to do anything with it, we must find it first. ...

Technology Research

Databricks Secures $400M Funding to Grow Analytics Platform

Last week, Databricks raised $400 million in a Series F funding round, bringing the company's...

Technology Research

Search as a Service Provider Algolia Raises $110M

At work, we are using an increasingly large number of applications (over 80 on average) and with...

Technology Research

The Data Toolbox: The Expanding Domain of AI & Analytics

Killer robots. Threatening humanoids. Robo-apocalypses and evil robots taking over the world....

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